Sakshi Dhoni

Sakshi Dhoni

We first saw ur photographs at an event.. just loved the way u capture the innocence and cuteness of the child..

It was a wonderful experience even though it took us the entire day, thanks to my baby who refused to sleep..;-) but we r very happy with the outcome and have got some great memories to cherish throughout our lives.. thank u for all the patience and efforts.. 🙂

Harjinder Kaur

Thank you firstly for making it such a memorable day. As a family we loved to watch our little one smile and pose and you guys did an incredible job of making it all so smooth for us esp for the grandparents. Hopefully the pictures will be as incredible as our time spent with you.

Neha Uppal

We saw the website and I liked the pics and the went n saw the studio and after sharing ideas for the shoot i was convinced so I choose Amit Chhabra photography.

Initially when I started with the idea of Anaaya’s photo shoot I wanted it to depict her likes and what her childhood was all about I had some ideas and I shared it with Shipra and we decided on the concept for shoot but I must say Amit’s creativity took it on another level…….we had a study table shot and i saw the set n my gosh it was just what I had wanted ….brilliant stuff….I am very happy with the end result and had a great time at the studio….they had so much patience for my hyper lil princess….n again I loved the whole experience the pics are so beautiful ….and truly each one is just like I wanted it to be …..great job done by the whole team n my heartiest thanks and best wishes to Amit and Shipra ….

Rashmi Pugalia

At the start, it was merely a Google search on kid photography’s in Delhi. Subsequently, when we started to speak to Shipra in person, we were explained on how the team at Amit Chhabra works, what are the different options / mood boards available and how flexible they can be to work with a few months old baby to deliver a shoot.

1. First thing first – great results
2. Great customer service with very helpful team, who is very easy to talk to
3. Being a subject matter expert with technology / equipment.
4. Studio, layout, amenities and all things to do with this
5. Thorough professionalism with good follow up process to clients’ satisfaction

We had a great experience working with Amit Chhabra photography. Knowledge, professionalism and customer service shown by the team were exemplary and would highly recommend them to all wanting some special memories with their kids. Patience, flexibility & efforts shown with our 4 month old on the day of shoot were super and finished results were equally fantastic.

Rashmi & Anshul Srivastava

What made you choose Amit Chhabra Photography
1) The wonderful, hard-to-believe images on your portal
2) The warmth and positive vibes we experienced when we met Shipra at your studio
3) The resultant belief that my daughter is in the best hands

Getting your child photographed by Amit Chhabra is perhaps the best gift a parent can give to the child… the range of emotions captured lucidly by Amit are outstanding and go beyond just a momentary ‘wow’.. these images stay with you for a long time bringing back a smile, gush of emotions and happiness. What more to ask? I think I thank my good stars that I called up Amit’s Studio and spoke with Shipra who thankfully introduced me to the possibilities of photography.

Thank you Shipra, Amit and the entire team

ps- Amit, you have a ready student, should you ever choose to start your own photography school !

Anuraag Sunder

I visited the web page and the baby photo shoot concept displayed over there seems to be very interesting. The main concept which I like about them is:

1. They have their own studio for the shoot which is really very good as in other you won’t find this.

2. They are using different themes which is really a new concept.

Overall experience with Mr Amit Chhabra is very good. With his experience he has given us new concept for the photo shoot of our kid which we have never thought.

Amit Mehrotra

Had a wonderful experience getting my son Yashvardhan’s photo shoot done. The team is extremely professional and competitive. They made the whole environment so lively and happy that my son felt comfortable and at home. It was commendable to see how the whole team managed to sustain a two year old’s attention through out the shoot. I loved the way they have captured different moods n expressions of my lil one. I wish Amit and his team all the best for their future endeavours.

Shweta Kapur

The overall environment which the whole team create is very nice and friendly……we really enjoyed being there. ……

Ridit Goyal

Wanted to get my daughters 6 months completion captured so after doing some research in internet and seeing Amit’s work with the babies, finally decided to get the shoot done with him.

Babies are bundle of joys and you are doing are a great job by capturing their beautiful smiles. We enjoyed the shoot and the time in the studio.

Neha Khandelwal

Dear Amit and Shipra,

We wanted to thank you so much for your amazing ability to capture such amazing shots of our daughter in such an enchanting way.

We absolutely love the photos you took.

You were able to include a variety of everything that made the pictures so special and we cannot wait to share the photos with our friends and family.

We would recommend your services to anyone who is looking for a talented, professional photographer who is a joy to work with and has the ability to put you at ease.

Thank you again for everything.

Rajan and Namisha Gupta
Redpro Group

Rajan and Namisha Gupta

Both Maternal and new born shoots were fabulous. Just how beautifully you capture expressions of a sleeping baby. Every picture of my baby Hridhaan looks sugar to me. You got a good studio and a great team who made it comfortable for the baby. I recommend that every parent must experience it.
Appreciated the work done with all our heart and All the luck to you!!
Hema Sharma
Director, The Young Wings

Hema Sharma

Was looking for a professional photographer to do a cake smash for Ziva and wasn’t sure if I would get someone in India for it. But when I started searching on the internet, I was surprised to see Amit’s website and the special section on cake smash. Then on seeing his work, I had to choose his photography!

Turning one is a big milestone for the baby and her parents. Amit made this moment very special for us by shooting Ziva’s cake smash and other pics making it spectacular for us! The whole team at the studio were really helpful and cheerful. They made every attempt to keep Ziva happy and make her smile for the shoot. Kudos Guys!! Awesome Job!

Anvita Rana

Thank you Amit and Shipra for your photographs that capture so beautifully the emotion during this joyful time in our lives. We will treasure them.
Also your team is incredible.


Akansh and Akansha

The whole experience was 10 out of 10 for me. Absolutely perfect – great props, wonderful staff and a world class studio. Amit and Shipra are both highly skilled people and they put me at ease the minute I walked in!

Raka Razdan

Your Team Rocks..!! Brilliance would be Understatement.

We were planning to do something inventive and out of the Box on an completion of 1st Month of our Daughter Panache…
Explored Just Dial, Facebook and other options but nothing clicked us.

Thursday morning i was Googling and i got something which i had thought of but was never sure it will be obtainable..!! With lot of curiosity i started exploring links of entire website and instantly gave a call to Amit for inquiry and appointment, it was all fixed and we booked Monday Slot !!

After entering into studio it gave us an wow factor whether its outclass equipment’s, wow ambiance, collection of props, themes and what not..!!
Above all the way Amit and his team makes you and baby so comfortable which is just inexpressible, he points out even minuet things which makes pictures just out of this world.

Thanks Amit for capturing these inestimable moments which we would cherish forever in our Life, your passion towards photography is impeccable. Brilliance would be understatement for your stupendous work..!!

We would also like to extend our appreciation to your entire team for ensuring hygiene factor, Baby’s props, costumes, hairstyle, body moves, expressions, managing room temperature for baby, making her ready and above all ensuring safety factors..!! Keep Rocking Guys..!!

Sachin, Neha & our lil Princess Panache !!

Neha Sachin Sahni

We were searching for a professional photographer specialising in infant photography when we stumbled upon Amit Chhabra’s website, purely by chance. We were impressed by Amit’s photographs and decided to go ahead and contact the studio. Our first contact point at the studio was Shipra, who was very cordial and responded to all our concerns. The initial meeting with Amit was a quick one as he was quite clear on his vision of the shoot once he had our inputs in terms of ideas and get-up. On the day of the shoot, our 11-month old daughter- Ananya, kept everyone in Amit’s team on their toes (and ensured that her parent’s got much needed Cardio exercise as well!), but the team was quite patient and cordial. The mood at the shoot was quite informal and jovial with adequate breaks in between ensuring that we got enough rest in between. All in all, it was a wonderful experience.

We would certainly recommend Amit Chhabra Photography to our friends and family.

Nipun Rajan

After a long search online I found Amit Chhabra photography website and I was happy to finally see the type of photography which I was looking for my little one!

At our arrival I was pleased to find a well equipped studio, a well prepared team and the lovely Shipra, who coordinated and managed everything just perfectly.

I just loved each and every bit of the photo shoot!! I couldn’t believe my eyes seeing how the girls were moulding my baby in all those cute poses !! We had so much fun !

I got even more happy after receiving all the photos which are beyond our expectations!! We are so thankful to Amit and Shipra both who have been so accommodating throughout !

I was fully satisfied of the experience and I will surely rely on Amit Chhabra photography again in future!!

I highly recommend Amit Chhabra photography!

Rachele Verona

We were initially looking for a studio, big enough in Gurgaon to take 4-5 family pics with our dog, Skipper, but did not find anything here. Other photographers here did not have a studio and were offering home or outdoor shots. That’s when we came across your website. We chose you guys because-you had your own studio which was much better than shooting outdoors in summer or finding the proper lighting/backdrop in our home, specialisation in maternity shots, flexibility of working with a dog and your creative photographs. Also, your agreeing to customise the package to our needs was a plus 🙂

Thanks a ton for the awesome experience Amit, Shipra and team. We had a great time and am sure Skipper did too! The photographs look excellent, just what we wanted! Loved your efforts in getting that perfect shot even with an extremely excited dog!

Subhendu Sarkar

I was very happy with everyone in the team. They made a special effort to make my child comfortable and did not get impatient while doing so. The atmosphere was relaxed and they took their time in taking the photos. Kudos to the entire team!

Aditi Kotwal

Thanks Amit Chhabra for an awesome experience! With a state of the art studio with world class equipment, a very professional creative team who paid careful attention to every detail in every shot and above all your amazing passion for photography; both Jyotika and I felt no less than celebrities! These snaps shall be cherished for all times to come!

Adab Singh Kapoor

It was an amazing experience, and hats off to you and your team for making us feel so comfortable!!
And I’m absolutely in love with the pictures!

Great work guys!! Keep it up!

Kanika Sethi

When we decided to get a professional portfolio done for my little princess, we received a reference of Amit with all high words from one of our friends. Since this was the first portfolio of my little one so I wanted everything to be the best.

Trusting the reference we called up at the studio for an appointment and we were briefed on complete guidelines and pre requisites for the shoot.
When we visited the studio, before starting the shoot we were introduced to the entire team and the team helped us deciding the themes and wardrobe.

The time for the shoot was well spaced considering adequate rest time, feed time and setting the right mood for the baby.

With the high engagement of the team the day had become a complete fun filled with seeing my baby giving the best of the poses and playing all over the studio.

And after receiving the photographs at the end all we could say wouldn’t have got better then it. Thanks Amit for the magnificent work which will be treasured throughout.

Arunima Mohanty

The website showcased your work which impressed us d most.

We were looking for a kids photographer for our daughter and saw ur work on the website….we liked the work and fixed up d shoot….to be very honest I would say the shoot was “worth every penny” for us….cake smash- my daughter enjoyed d most n above that it was amazing for us to see her enjoy!!!! Its was actually a lifetime experience for us that made my daughters first bday so special….looking forward for more shoots with u guys!!!!!☺

Sakshi Arora

Excellent creative ideas!! Loved the photo shoot experience.. Were made to feel very comfortable given we had a month baby.
Support staff was excellent handling the baby!! Would definitely recommend to friends!

Ankit Sood

We saw the website of Amit Chhabra and me and my wife were stunned watching the pics of the babies. We just took 1 minute to decide and decided that our baby Aahana would be clicked by Amit only. It was so amazing that still we wanna be with him and want our baby Aahana to be clicked by him every time.

First thing I wanna say is this that your studio is amazing and very friendly. Amit you are one man I would love to get my Baby Aahana clicked by always. Shipra is just like a friend and made us feel like home. We would love to continue this journey with you guys always. You made our Baby Aahana look fab and glamorous. Thank you Amit for such a beautiful and amazing Photo shoot of Baby Aahana. God bless you guys always.

Anubhav Mittal

What made you choose Amit Chhabra Photography?

It is the work displayed on the site and word of mouth about the brilliance of work that is showcased. The creativity and out of the box thinking about the frames, set ups and usage of right props.

All that one can say is that you can make a picture look like a master piece. Every shot that is developed shows the art and brilliance that you have. We are glad to have been associated with you. Cheers!!

Richa Dewan