The words Cake Smash sounds fun and amusing, and when these two words are associated with kids, they are just beyond adorable and cute.

Imagine a sight of baby splish-splashing a cake all over and on him, that is exactly what we are talking about. Cake Smash Photography involves the photo shoot of a baby left alone with a cake, usually carried out on his/her first birthday.

Cake smash is soon coming into being a mainstream form of children photography because it is the newly discovered way through which one can get the most endearing pictures of their one-year-old baby. The first birthday of the baby is definitely an important occasion and cake smash photos helps capture this special milestone in their lives that they can treasure for a lifetime. There is no doubt that this is as much fun for the parents as well as for the baby.

Why not try something completely different and fun, and capture this milestone with a twist by indulging in Cake Smash.

Shipra and Amit Chhabra are one of the few professionals in India who offer this fun photography session. We offer four packages to the parents to choose from that includes Basic, Signature, Premium, and Exclusive all priced in a scaling order, with the Exclusive package offering the most amount of features and additional services.

Cake Smash Photography was originated in the US. Shipra and Amit wanted to get this unique fun concept to India. With the help of their creative team, they have been able to bring cake smash to New Delhi. Everyone has pictures of their kids posing and smiling and dressed decently, but why not get a little adventurous and have pictures of the baby playing, getting dirty, and enjoying the most with a colorful cake.