Everyone has heard the term ‘candid photography’ many a times and it literally means the same as the term ‘candid’. When associated with photography, it helps to get the most natural effect, true to its character. This type of photography can be described as clicking pictures of people when they are acting naturally, and not posing for the lens. Although anyone can be the person being photographed, children are the most suitable candidates. After all who can be more natural, innocent, and candid than infants and children.

Parents nowadays want the best pictures of their children as they are growing to make it a part of those special moments that can never be replaced. Even for photographers who are especially interested in this branch of photography and aspire to make a career out of it, newborn and kids photography is the way to go.

The most essential part of any type of photo-shoot is the photographer himself / herself. This is true even when it come to clicking candid pictures of children. It is important for the parents to understand what goes into making a great children candid photographer. The photographer needs to be patient in order to handle the fidgety behaviour of most children during photo shoot. Just like it is a good idea to go through the past work of a candidate one is planning to employ for any purpose, in order to understand what kind of photos one can expect it is best to go through their past work portfolios in the same field. The personality of the photographer and his/her workplace also has an effect on the quality of the photographs, so make sure he/she presents himself/herself well.

Where the photo shoot takes place is also an essential factor and will affect the results. For candid photography however, it is best to take the candid approach i.e. to shoot candidly. For example, when children are involved in playing or doing something they enjoy, they can be photographed to get the perfect poses.

When one works with Shipra and Amit Chhabra Kids Photography for carrying out a photo shoot for their children, it helps the parents to capture the growing years of their children that are filled with innocence and boundless energy. These magical moments are stored always for generations to come and can also be made into a nostalgic and most treasured gift to present to the kid when he/she is a grown up adult.

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