Child Photography – The Journey

Child Photography - The Journey

I remembered back to my own childhood – there was a framed picture of my sibling and I on the wall, I remember looking at it thinking, “here I am, I belong here”.

For me, that photo was an important validation of who I was and that I was celebrated and loved. It helped my self esteem. I think of this when I photograph children with their families. I believe it is such a positive message you can give your children – photos of you together and of them on their own. I believe it’s a visual affirmation, on the wall where they see it everyday, that they are loved and celebrated by you.

This belief in the value of my work gives my work meaning, depth and I photograph from a place of love and intention that children will benefit from the images I create for them throughout their lives. I know many of these pictures will become (and have become) an iconic part of their family history.


Are There Any Rules in Your Studio?

  • Taking pictures and/or videos on cell phones or personal cameras is prohibited in our studio.
  • Shoes are NOT ALLOWED in our studio. Please ensure you carry along a pair of socks so that you are not bare-feet. Models being photographed are allowed to wear shoes if the theme / set requires them to do so.

What Are Your Thoughts on Quantity V/S Quality?

  • If you are looking for a photographer to take 100′s or 1000′s of pictures then that’s not us. We strive to focus our efforts on quality rather than quantity. We believe that a handful of stunning images is much better than hundred or thousand images that look the same
  • Over the past few years we’ve focused on shooting quality work. This has meant shooting a lot less (which is something us photographers never want to hear) but we’ve really enjoyed seeing the results – we can immediately see a growth in what we do and we’re really taking the time to focus on WHAT our style is. Besides, it gives us time to also focus our energies on the child being photographed to bring the best out of him/her.

What Differentiates You from Other Photographers?

  • Over 15 years international experience. Photographed models of all age groups from over 75 countries. Trained from some of the best photographers and industry artists in the US and UK.
  • Our work & quality speaks for itself: within 3 months of launching in India we were approached by Delhi’s leading hospitals including Fortis LaFemme, Fortis Shalimar Bagh, Apollo Cradle. The walls of all these hospitals are decorated with our newborn and children photographs.
  • We have the most hygienic and spacious kids photo studio in Delhi. Our entire studio is sanitised after every shoot in order to provide a very safe and clean environment for our young models.
  • We offer a no-obligation pre-shoot meeting for every client so that they can see for themselves why we claim to have one of the best and safest photo studio in Delhi/NCR.
  • We provide a professional photo shoot session with a professional team. Our team, as well as working for us, regularly works in the industry on TV, films, music videos, magazines, etc. So they bring plenty of experience and latest trends to the table.
  • Our client feedback is available online. Please spend a few minutes reading our client feedback to understand why we and our clients’ fee that we offer the best services available for newborn and child photography.

What Differentiates an Amateur Photographer from a Professional?

  • One way to differentiate an amateur from a professional is the consistency of their work. An amateur photographer’s portfolio may show nice images, but those images are a compilation of one or two accidentally good images from many sessions.
  • The professional will show quality images consistently in both their portfolio AND recent work on their blog. If you hire an amateur to shoot your session, you accept the risk that there may only be one or two good images from your session vs. the 20-30 great images that we will provide in your gallery.

What Is the Equipment You Use?

  • Our portraits are captured with the Hasselblad H5D / Nikon D810 / D800E camera and we have a wide array of lenses and equipment for every need.
  • We provide in-house printing capabilities with a 44 inch wide advanced Epson photo & canvas printer.
  • For those interested in technology, our entire list of equipment is available on our website which you can access from the Gear menu above.

How Much Does It Cost?

  • That depends on the package that you take. We offer a variety of packages for every age group.
  • Our packages and their cost are listed on our website.
  • We revise our packages every 2 months. In order to freeze your package and your shoot date, you must fill in the client information form as soon as possible

Where Can I See Feedback Given by Your Existing Clients?

  • Our client feedback is located here

What Is a Pre-Shoot Meeting?

  • The pre-shoot consultation is an essential part of our Portfolio Photography process. We prefer to have this meeting on the phone of in person at our Media Center (photo studio) so that we help you establish a level of comfort and also walk you through the process of what will happen on the day of the shoot.
  • During this meeting we together will decide the look and feel of your shoot, discuss your requirements, and provide some recommendations to you.
  • This meeting is key to our process as it helps us understand your requirements, experience, and potential and enables us to plan your portfolio session in the best possible manner.

Do You Photograph Events?

  • We are a newborn and child portrait and life style photographer and we generally don’t do event photography. The only occasions we would participate in event photography is as a result of a collaboration with a large organization.

Can You Describe What Happens in Your Session?

  • We generally shoot a variety of different looks during a session. Shooting a range of looks will allow you to have multiple shots available for different purposes.  For children we do prefer to mix up the portfolio with studio and outdoor shots.
  • We don’t put a strict limit on the number of shots we take per look, and generally shoot each look until we feel we’ve got that perfect shot.
  • For each look, we generally take head-shots / beauty shots, mid-length, and full-length shots. If you have a specific requirement we will discuss that during the pre-shoot meeting.
  • Part of our process is to review the session with you as we go.  We will inspect the photographs and make necessary adjustments to ensure you get the most from the shoot.

My Child Does Not Know How to Pose, Will You Help Him/Her?

  • Yes, of course we will. We have experience photographing 1000′s of international models and understand that posing is one of the toughest aspects of creating a portfolio.
  • We provide guidance throughout your photo-shoot, to help you create the most flattering poses.
  • Our creative team has years of experience in dealing with children and adults and will make you help you pose to get the most flattering impacts from the shoot.

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