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Celebrity Pregnancy Photographer captures memories that last a lifetime. Shipra & Amit Chhabra photography have photographed over a 1000’s maternity and newborn’s in the Delhi / NCR area. Read below to know about some of the safety aspects when dealing with maternity and kids photography

Quite often when we are choosing a professional photographer we look for a best person who has good experience, has a decent studio, has produced great results in past, is within our budget, etc. But have we ever thought on the safety aspect while choosing our professional photographer? I don’t think so. We check his reviews on Internet based on his previous work, his ratings, how well known he is in the market. But we completely ignore the safety aspect.

New Born, Maternity, Kids Photography is one of the riskiest businesses I guess. That does not mean other forms of Photography like Fashion, Product are completely safe. However when it comes to babies, expecting mothers, any small error will have serious effects of course on baby, mother, her unborn child, but also on photographers career & business altogether. It could be a mental trauma for the parents, as well as the photographer if any accidents happen.

While no amount of measures taken, can ensure 100% safety, a few simple points if taken care of can certainly reduce the likelihood of the accidents occurring.

I’ll try to highlight some measures based on type of Photography, i.e. New Born, Infant, Maternity.

Maternity Photography

Amongst all kinds of Photography, I feel Maternity should be classified as the most important type, when it comes to safety measures that are required to be undertaken.

  1. Never do photo shoots in last two weeks of expected delivery time. Although we are aware of exact dates of delivery, they are still expected dates. A delivery can take place before expected time too & you do not want your studio becoming a hospital.
  2. Always keep nearby doctors, hospitals, and ambulance service contact details handy, in case emergency situation arises. This is again very important, as we do not have 911 like services especially in countries like India.
  3. Always ask your maternity model to inform/advise her doctor before coming for such shoots. There may be certain precautions that the doctors are aware of, which the expected mother is required to take. These precautions (if any) should be discussed during pre-shoot meetings.
  4. Respect the cultural differences. Maternity photography is very different in India if you compare with countries like US, UK, Australia. In those countries nude poses, semi -nude poses are very common. However in India mothers will not be comfortable doing any such poses. So as a photographer do not try to explore such variations in places where people are reserved.
  5. Continuing on a similar point as above, always have at least one female member in your studio, since the expected mother may feel awkward with all males around.
  6. Expected mothers are very sensitive to odours, dirt. Try to keep your studio odour free & clean. Have mild room fresheners in your studio.
  7. With indoor shoots, lights will be used. With lights, there will be wires. Be sure that your client does not trip over these wires. Always keep a watch, warn your model to be careful, while moving around in the studio. Also keep the floor clear from other tools, equipment’s, props being used during the shoot.
  8. Always keep some sorts of chocolates, biscuits, snacks & refreshments in your studio. Expected mothers get tired, feel dizzy, very easily.

New Born Photography

Another critical category in child photography, where a few points have to be kept in mind.

  1. Newborn photography should be done within 15-20 days of birth. Do not try new born posing after this time
    period, as their bones & issues start to get firm & the baby might not be comfortable in such poses.
  2. While using props made of wood, iron ensure they have weights stuffed at their bottom avoiding the risk of the prop tripping over. Also ensure that whatever area of prop is in contact of the baby, is adequately cushioned.
  3. While using beanbag, ensure baby is placed in middle of the bag. This assures of safety as well wide focus area.
  4. At all times, one more person, can be child’s father sit beside the baby, incase baby decides to wake up.
  5. Never try a newborn shoot outdoors. Howsoever-good climate it might be outside, never experiment this with newborns. If you are a fan of using natural lights for new born, arrange your set near the window where you can use natural light.
  6. Keep your phones, etc. on silent. Some babies get startled with even small sounds.
  7. Make sure light stands are heavy enough to take the weight of lights or have external weights on them.

Infant & Kids Photography

They like to move around, want to touch & hold everything they see, & they will be moody. That’s what childhood is all about. Well coming back to safety, a few points to remember.

  1. In this age category, there will be babies who cannot sit without aid, some can sit with aid, and some without aid & some can walk with aid & so on. Always confirm from the parents as to which category their child fit into. This is required to decide onto the props that will be used, posing that can be done on such kids.
  2. Always have weights stuffed inside the prop, because kids at this age are not going to sit quietly & follow instructions. They will move around, would want to get out of the prop, or play with it. You never know what kids can try, so always keep a close eye.
  3. When using props, which are high, ensure there is another person having his eyes only on the kid. His/ her job should be only child safety & nothing else.
  4. Kids who can move around on their own, keep an eye on them as they may like to hold wires, hold equipment’s, taste some of them, which may have electricity in them or they may be sharp. In short keep away all such objects away from such kids that may harm them in any way.
  5. Make sure light stands are heavy enough to take the weight of light or have external weights on them.

Family Photography

Last category in this line of photography. Perhaps the safest one, where the baby is in safe hands of the parents. Least said a few simple points to be remembered.

  1. In all cases, keep the floor clear of wires, other equipment’s. Anyone including babies, kids may trip over.
  2. When doing family outdoors, especially in India, ask parents to keep a clear watch on their kids at all times. This is for obvious reasons.

Though I have categorised the points on basis of type of shoot we are doing, there are some points that are common in all categories. The overall purpose of the whole article is not to scare the photographer & his team or the clients, but to ensure that a few simple steps if followed, will lead to a successful shoot. After all, the aim here is to give long lasting memories.

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