If you think that you have the cutest kid in the world then you must make a portfolio for him or her and send it to modeling agencies. Modeling agencies would love a child who has a gorgeous smile, cute dimples and scruffy hair. If you make the decision about sending portfolio photos of your child modeling agencies then there are three essential photos that you must send.

The first one is the head shot portfolio photography. This photo should be 8 inches x 10 inches and it should capture your child from the neck. It is important that your child doesn’t wear any makeup or hair products but that he or she is natural. Choose a great place where you will take this photo preferably in natural light, such as a well lit room or outside. Tell your child to give an incredible smile and keep eye contact but make sure that it looks natural.

The second one is the body shot portfolio photography. Again this photo should be 8 inches to 10 inches and it should capture your child from head to toe. This is a really important photo because it shows the modeling agency your child’s posture. But, do not worry too much about it because there is no required posture, just tell your child that he or she must stand upright. But, do not put too much pressure on it and take natural looking photos.

The last one is the personality shot portfolio photography. This one is a bit different from the others. It is yet again 8 inches to 10 inches photography of your child but it should capture your child in their happiest and the most comfortable moment. You can choose some kind of posture that describes their personality the best but what you must keep in mind is eye contact.

These are the most essential photos that you want to send to modeling agencies as your child’s portfolio photography. We have described earlier what kind of photos do you need to make, but it is even a better idea if you let a professional do it. This is a really good option because professional know what exactly modeling agencies are looking for and they will be able to provide you with that. Also they can come up with really good backgrounds that will make your child stand out. Hiring a professional is really important because modeling is a really competitive field and they are only looking for the best models today can find. If you send photos with low resolutions, no matter how cute and gorgeous your child is they will not choose him or her because they couldn’t get a look good look at him or her in the pictures.

So all that you have to keep in mind ant that have to do is pick clothes for your child the tool show off his or her personality and that are not over excessive. Do not use any makeup or hair products because modeling agencies are looking for a child that is naturally cute.

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