Family Portrait Photography


Tips and Guidelines for Family Portraits

When you plan to create your family portrait, you must remember it is supposed to be an iconic image to remember your beloved ones and your family ties. It is purely image language and you have to collaborate with the photograph to give your best, most honest and real self so the key element here is to be natural and at the same time, an epitome of yourself.

There are many different concepts of family portraits you could choose to use, from a traditional sitting picture to more cheerful and occasional interactions to express the love between your relatives. Either cases require your family to be up to what is going to be the theme of the portrait, so the number one rule here is, no one should be forced to pose in uncomfortable or artificial ways. Is a hard task to please Greek and Trojans at the same time, but you have to reach a consensus or grumpy faces or fake smiles will surely ruin the quality of your portrait.

That is also a reference to what everyone is gonna wear. Despite the fact clothes too loose and too dark are really not helping to make the picture good, no one should be dressing caricaturist or unnatural outfits. This is actually the perfect time for mommy wear her expensive beloved Chanel blazer or daddy put on his favourite tie or leather jacket. Kids should also dress naturally but everyone should pay attention to one important element: hair.

Even if you haircut is long, puffy and you love it like that, by the photo shoot you should try to keep it as much away from your face as possible. The faces are the key element of family portrayals as they are a collective profile picture, so you should avoid hide behind a fringe or let the hair overshadow your facial features. No one should be forced to do a new haircut for a picture, but simple combing styles will do the job here.

For last, but not least, have in mind you have to be on your best mood, and that means, sleep well, don’t party hard or eat a lot of sweets and fat food. Even if a Photoshop retouch can let you shiny and pretty, the most natural you look the best. Teenagers with acne however should not worry, is part of their nature and their age and pictures can be retouched in case they don’t feel comfortable with their pimples phase. Only have in mind you contribution for the portrayal must be honest and value your face and features.

The Importance of Family Portraits

Either a digital or physical family photograph has many stories and memories to tell. As the new generations are often very used to take pictures of all occasions as trivial as possible, planning your family portrait is a good idea to make pictures once again precious and symbolic for your story.

Photographs have been an important media to register history, specially the evolution of our societies. Many lost – and carefully stored as well – family portrays have been used in photo exhibitions to show the ascension of immigrant communities in USA, from Irish to Japanese families, and this historical feature of portrayals can also be a document of the story of your family.

To have many family portraits is a way to ensure the memory of your beloved relatives and their importance on the family ties. It might sound morbid, but the only thing we have ensured in our lives is death and we don’t ever know when it will happen. A well developed family portrait will immortalise in some ground your dear loved ones, as well as several different portrayals can tell the story of how times changed.

The fun and pleasant feelings on seeing relatives on all ages, wearing the fashion trends of specific times or showing a vivid resemblance of some relatives with others are priceless good moments a family portrait will bring to you. This time travel capacity of seeing pictures also is important for new generations to relate deeply to their origins as they will see how their unique physical features are a blend of the faces of grandparents, aunts and siblings, which also blossom new strong ties of familiarity and union.

As pictures are getting more usual and conventional than ever, you can make your family portrait even more unique with a professional photography portrait and play with concepts, creating real artistic photographs. What would you say is the best place and occasion symbolising your family? How do you want them to be remembered in an image? How many people do you consider your family and should be part of your portrayal? There are many profound ideas you could use to make a very unique portrait. It won’t be an Instagram picture to be forgotten in the next day or a TweetPic about the moment, you will have a document of a lifetime and a way to immortalise your love ties for future generations to come.