Child Photography - The Journey

I remembered back to my own childhood – there was a framed picture of my sibling and I on the wall, I remember looking at it thinking, “here I am, I belong here”.

For me, that photo was an important validation of who I was and that I was celebrated and loved. It helped my self esteem. I think of this when I photograph children with their families. I believe it is such a positive message you can give your children – photos of you together and of them on their own. I believe it’s a visual affirmation, on the wall where they see it everyday, that they are loved and celebrated by you.

This belief in the value of my work gives my work meaning, depth and I photograph from a place of love and intention that children will benefit from the images I create for them throughout their lives. I know many of these pictures will become (and have become) an iconic part of their family history.