What Is Your Logo Policy?

  • All edited images will have our logo in either black or white colour within the digital photograph. The position of the logo is generally in one of the 4 corners of the photograph.
  • In the client form you can choose to purchase images without logos. If you select that option, images will be provided to you without any logos.
  • Images we print for you do not have any logos.
  • Unedited images do not contain any logos.

What Are the Image Sizes You Deliver?

  • Unedited Images– File Format JPEG – Long Edge 2048 Pixels – 300 pixels per inch – Approximate File Size 2MB
  • Edited Images– File Format JPEG – The size of such images depend on the camera we use. Generally, these files are over 15MB in size so you could print a 24inch posters from such files without any quality loss.
  • Camera RAW images are only given to clients as part of an advertising or commercial photoshoot. Incase you want Camera RAW images you will need to purchase the Image Copyrights while filling out the shoot booking form.

What is the purpose of selection / digital photographs?

  • If you are looking for a photographer to take 100′s of pictures in every set then that’s not us. We strive to focus our efforts on quality of edited images rather than quantity of delivered images. We believe that a handful of stunning edited images is much better than hundreds of images.
  • Keeping the above in mind, every package of ours has a pre-defined number of edited images. It is our endeavour to provide you these handful of edited images that will be the quality images that we focus to deliver
  • During a shoot we may click images that look similar or are continuous shots. This is usually done when the child is expressing themselves and a single shot is not enough to capture the moment. We will deliver all these images as part of the selection images so that you, as a parent, can select the best expression that you like from such a series.
  • The objective of giving the client the original images from the shoot is only to help them select the best images they like from the set of images. The original images should not be treated as a deliverable as their purpose is to only help identify the final product, i.e. the edited images from the shoot.

What Is Included in Photo Retouching?

  • Our photo retouching process is limited to the following
    • Color Correction
    • Light Correction
    • Basic Skin Retouching
  • We do not take requests for
    • photo manipulations or background replacements
    • making changes to the actual physical appearance of the subjects we photograph
    • adding additional elements to a photograph
  • The package you select will also contains prints. While we recommend that prints are selected from retouched images, we do leave the decision up to the client to select if they want to print images that are not retouched.
    • Selecting print images that are not in your retouch list will not increase your count of images to retouch.
    • As an example, if your package contains 10 retouched images and 2 prints, your total number of retouched images is 10 (and not 10+2)

I Need Extra Prints, Can I Get Them from You?

  • We have in-house printing capabilities and can print a poster up-to 44 inches wide. We maintain a ready stock of high quality gloss, matte, and canvas. Should you require additional prints, please contact us so that we can give you a quote

How Do You Deliver Photos?

  • We use a cloud based service to transfer all photographs.
  • You will receive an email from us with a link to download your images. Once you receive this link, you generally have 30 days to download the link before the link expires.
  • The images can only be downloaded on a computer as the image size is extremely large. Once you download them on your computer, you can transfer them to your mobile device.

How Do You Deliver Prints?

  • Most of our clients pick up the prints from our studio.
  • Given that our smallest print is approx 12×10 inches in size, we do not recommend sending such prints by courier as there is a likelihood of the prints getting damaged during transit.
  • If you would like your photographs couriered, then you will need to arrange for a courier pick-up service. In this case, the courier company you arrange will pick up the prints from our studio and will package and ship them to the destination you want. Please note, we do not courier prints directly and cannot arrange a courier service for you. Neither do we assume any responsibility of prints getting lost or damaged if the courier pick up is arranged by you.
  • We are only able to hold your prints for 90 days from the date of the shoot. If you do not pick up your prints within 90 days, we will assume that you no longer want the prints and in this case the prints will be discarded.

Do You Offer Any Additional Products?

  • Yes. We can discuss the product offerings during the pre-shoot meeting.