Though your baby will not remember, you will and you can register it for posterity and for the baby consideration when he is no longer your sweet little suckling, and is really up to you to set a great memory to be enjoyed later. First birthday party ideas are always surrounded with expectations and colourful themes and they should surely be, but is important to keep a balance between what is “too much information”, let’s say, things that will not captivate your baby’s attention and will be a waste of resources – and energy on planning – and things that are really showy and useful to make your baby happy and cheerful at their first birthday.

Let’s see some key factors you have to consider when you are planning your kid’s first birthday party and how you can find the most comfortable and convenient ambiance for their being very expressive and at ease for you to register the moment on pictures and film.

Set Themes

We always have to think about the aesthetic aspects to get started with our first birthday party ideas, but they should not be planned separately from the attractions of the party. It is overall a kids party, and a first one, so kids are not apt to take their own actions and run to things to make them work discovering them, they have to be appealing and obvious.First Birthday Party Ideas

List up a series of thematic sets you think are pleasant and, of course, affordable to your budget. But do this based on how well you know your baby, what is more appealing to them at this age. A cartoon or show that makes them very excited when is running on TV or books series. 
Is important you have many options to get to the next phase, “asking” your baby what is better for their taste. At this point is also important when you are brainstorming your first birthday party ideas that you bear in mind your baby is only 1 year old. Ditch gender restrictive themes. Kids don’t differentiate girlish from boyish things at this age and, a note for further references, when you set a kids party, they will be crowded with both kids and girls and is important you please everybody, so gender themed parties are always a flop. Be inclusive.

Test Your Baby

Even whey they are so young, kids already have their preferences. Not everything that glows and sparks will hook up their attention, so if you want to set a theme for the party, is better check with the boss what is more pleasant and acceptable to have an approval for your First Birthday Party Ideasfirst birthday party ideas. Some set of colours and shapes are more pleasant than others for kids, like reddish colours will always be more appealing for their eyes at this age in detriment to pastel or softened pallets. 
However, to test your kid you surely know things have to involve interactive and captivating methods, obviously they will be reticent to pallet cards, they are not decorating a house! Stick with objects that will impress them and you will already have the opportunity to think on the physical sets you would like to implement in the party – structures, scenarios. 
Testing them with balloons on the colours you have in mind for the party is already a great tactic as well as showing the different characters of the themes you will selected. 
At this point you also have to notice what gets a better responsiveness from the kid, cheering, clapping, smiling, screaming, this kind of indicators will be their yes or no.

Babies do Baby Things

Mess and chaos are part of a baby’s first experiences and interactions, so give room for them to mess things up as much as they want! That’s why a cake smash set is the interactive motto we suggest for the birthday’s party. If your kid was born during the summer, don’t hesitate to make good use of water scenarios. They simply love the feeling of messing up with water – and you know it from all the bathing experiences you had.

But of course, they cannot be immersed on water the whole party, so you can think on other related interactions to match the cake smash and water splash fun: ball pools,  running tracks with interactive play, mechanical toys – specially the ones where kids can get along and many other things that can let your baby and other kids free to express themselves.

Note that first birthday parties can be very boring if you don’t know how to set your kid and the others in the mood for playing. They have to be stimulated and must have a lot of freedom to do very basic, instinctive interactions. Set the party thinking on this motto for your first birthday party ideas and you won’t have to do too much but watch and care.

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