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Capture the first year of your baby’s life

What is Grow with Me Photography?

The “Grow with me” photography is a package that allows you to capture the most important moments in the first year of your baby’s life. It is important that you capture every special moment of the first year because time goes by so fast how you notice when your baby has grown into a one-year old toddler. So to make sure that you do not miss out on important moments of your baby’s first year.

This package comes with different choices of 2, 3, 4 or 5 sessions.

If you have decided to purchase the “Grow with me” photography package make sure that you book it on time. For the maternity shoot we recommended that you contact us while you are in your second trimester. This is the best period because it will give us time to understand your needs and it will give us time to book a date for your shoot.

Booking your Sessions

Maternity Shoot

The best time to contact us is during the second trimester of your pregnancy. During this period we will understand your requirements and book a tentative date for your maternity shoot, which will happen in the last trimester.

Newborn Shoot

We will make a tentative booking based on your due date and then we will wait to hear from you when you arrive home from hospital with your new baby. We can arrange a suitable time and date for your session after you have come home with your baby.

3 months / 6 months / 9 months / 1 year shoot

After the newborn shoot, we will make tentative booking for the rest of the year. We will firm up the dates for each shoot closer to the agreed tentative date.

Grow with me : Milestones

Babies grow up so fast, so why not start a Grow With Me Photography Package to capture the different stages of their growth with us? This involves taking photographs of your baby at different stages of their young life. We sometimes start this photographic adventure during your pregnancy while your little one is just a bump. The various states we could capture are

Here I Come” at 8-9 Months Pregnancy


I can “Pick My Head Up and smile” at 2-4 Months

I can “Sit Up” at 6-8 Months

I can “Walk” at 10-14 Months

Happy Birth Day – Let’s smash a cake” at 11 months

Contact us today to schedule the 1st year baby pictures package.

Advantages of Grow With Me Photography Packages

Rates Locked In – we revisit and revise our packages multiple times a year. With a grow with me package, your package contents and prices are locked. Changes to our packages does not impact you.

Extra Prints – for our grow with me packages we give our clients extra / bigger prints as part of the package. Such prints are not available with individual packages

Photo Books – with our exclusive package we will custom design a photo book for you using the picture from all the sessions of your shoot.

Family Portraits – include in the packages

Grow With Me - Package Duration

The grow with me package is only valid till for 13 months from the date of your first shoot

The 13 months package duration takes into account the maternity session (which is usually in the 8th month) and the last cake smash session, which is usually when the child is 11 months old

It is up to the client to book the milestones / sessions they want, we will be happy to provide recommendations should you want us to

Under no circumstances will the grow with me end date (which is a 13 months from the first session shoot date) be extended

If you do not schedule your sessions before the grow with me end date your pending sessions will be cancelled and no refunds will be due

Included in all Packages

GST (Good & Service Tax)

Optional – Newborn shoot at your home for Rs. 25,000 extra

For image sizes we deliver please refer to the FAQ section

Packages for 3 Set-ups Per Session

Packages for 2 Set-ups Per Session

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Keep your memories fresh with a grow with me photography package

The twinkle of her eye, the sweetness of his smile, the chubbiness of her cheek and the mischief in his expression… these are the things that give you more pleasure than anything because they define your little baby’s personality. As they grow, they learn and every new thing that they learn is a precious gift to you; after all nothing can instil more pride and joy in you than the first steps your baby takes!

Pregnancy Photographer IndiaBut time, with its million advantages, also has one major disadvantage- with time; your memory begins to fade. And a fading memory is bound to make you lose out on remembering some of the most precious and happiest moments of your child’s life: the growing stage.

The first year of your little one’s life is bound to be the one with all the new things; all the firsts. This is the time you want to pay extra attention to recording memories of every momentous accomplishment that your child goes through- the first time he stands, the first time she walks, the first time she sits up, etc. So, take photos, good quality portrait photos and keep these instances close to your hearts forever. Not only is this a perfect way to record such important events, it also ensures that these occasions never fade from your memory. They are forever immortalised in the picture frame and will never be forgotten; in fact you can relive every moment of joy by just flipping through the portraits you have taken.

The Grow With Me Photography Package

Amit Chhabra’s photography studio in South Delhi is here to help you do just that- to record and relive every moment of your child’s stages of growth. How? Through his special Grow With Me photography package of course! The packages vary in times and prices but essentially cover that one objective: taking photographs of your baby during different stages of their lives.

Maternity - Pregnancy Photographer in India

It could start with your pregnancy (where all your baby really is, is a bump) and go on to your little angel’s first day on Earth, the first time your little one smiles, sits up, crawls, walks, talks, etc.

The packages are extensive, covering every detail of your tiny tot’s life up to the age of twelve months. The portraits are taken in such a way as to not just make a mere representation, but capture the emotion and the excitement; the curiosity, pride and happiness that your child feels in accomplishing each and every one of these tasks. The portraits make for a very fine way of keeping your little one’s first stages alive in your memory; they are also the loveliest pictures that could adorn the walls of your home.

Nothing gives that personal touch to your apartment or house better than pictures of your children. These portraits are also a great way for your little ones to see themselves as babies years later!

So schedule your session with Amit Chhabra right away and record your child’s 1st year baby pictures.

Our Grow with Me Photography Packages

The Grow With Me Photography offers 4 different packs of photography to record the first years of your beloved newcomer in the family. But this is not about a one single session or discontinuous pictures, we will together schedule the key moments of your baby’s journey growing up and be ready to record the events for posterity. Most importantly, we want to do a conceptual work for you and your baby, so it Newborn Girl Photoshootwill include everyone who is more than relevant to the history of formation of your daughter or son.

Each one of our grow with me photography packs offers different advantages, depending on your budget, interest and availability to schedule multiple sessions. The standard pack offers over 75 digital images of at least 3 different shooting sessions that will happen through the first years of your baby’s life. That also includes the first stage of pregnancy, when you can take pictures of your bump until the last months of your pregnancy. From that on, you can pick what are the moments you want to record, like the first birthday, the first days at home with the newborn and much more occasions you consider key events to remember.

Our work is quite flexible, we will always keep in contact to find out when you are available and up to the sessions. Also, each pack several different theme sets so you can choose the ones that fit better your baby first years.

Ready for Posterity

The first years of your baby’s life will be a torrent of emotions and remarkable moments and we really understand how special and full of feelings are each one of these occasions. For this reason, we want to capture the moments you and your baby are feeling the best since the shootings will include delicate moments. Feel free to take your time and get ready when you and your baby feel up and about to be framed in the best moments of this moment of everybody’s life. All packs also offer a different amount of retouched pictures, so all the pictures will look as good as they can be, including of course everyone framed.

We also want to work fast but precisely, to do not stress the baby and mother but not on a rush, so we can in fact frame the best of you all. With several years of experience portraying newborns we ensure our work will be magical and pleasant to be remembered in your family photo album.