The Importance of Patiencednf-blog-patience

Today I think about patience.

Patience is one of the most important qualities we possess as humans, listed as one of the Seven Heavenly Virtues, yet it seems that patience is losing value in a world that has become obsessed with instant feedback.

I look around me and see people driving as fast as possible, fast food restaurants with drive though windows and articles in magazines about getting more done in less time.

Sure there is value in getting things done quickly but what about the things that can’t be done quickly? I think people are forgetting that some things require a long amount of time to be done well. In fact when I think about anything I have ever done really well the one common factor is the amount of time I put into it.

People ask me the reason behind our success and the answer is quite simple, we spent a lot of time doing it. There was never a simple trick or a quick fix that allowed me to make huge jumps, it all comes down to the years and years I have dedicated myself to getting better.

It requires an immense amount of patience photographing children. Each child is different and understands things differently. It requires immense patience and practice to know how to bring the best out of every child. Spending years dedicated to one thing takes a lot of patience but the reward is always worth the price you pay.

I have a feeling that those who remember the importance of patience in the following years will have a serious advantage over those who want everything done instantly.