Seeing one’s child grow up every year always triggers a feeling that is of a paradoxical nature as it is both happiness and sorrow; Happiness, because it is most gratifying to watch as a toddler learns and absorbs new experiences in a continuous state of felicity, that allows him or her to make new bonds. The feeling is also sadness because those precious moments that have gone by are never to return by a natural course. It therefore becomes very essential to capture those cherished moments on a camera to look back on, as emotions that are stirred from memory are always the strongest in nature.

A child’s birthday is a celebration of the powerful moment that once redefined a family and hence deserves every bit of attention than can be humanly mustered. It is the day that imparts into every child, the importance of his or her life in this world. That day of every year has a new lesson that can be learnt by the child and parents alike and the joyful experiences gained from birthday celebrations should be made memorable and rooted deep into emotions that can last a lifetime.

Photos have always found a way of conveying emotions that words fail to express. Since memory actuates emotions of the most potent form, it only makes sense to preserve these memories in the best possible state. As human memories tend to fade away, effectively claiming the emotions associated with them, photos are a boon that needs to be utilised to the fullest extent as it is the best time machine there is and ever will be. Moreover, watching your child enjoy his or her birthday, while being assured that what you see now, you will also see in the future and maybe with greater detail, can be a very contented feeling indeed.

Preserving birthday moments through photographs is a great way of sharing stories with loved ones as it captures, joy, mischief, playfulness, the delight of receiving new gifts and all the other traits of one’s child. Parents can proudly speak of their children and how they’ve grown, their cute habits and intellect, all of which are captured in pictures. Family reunions are filled with tears of joy as people can look back in time and relive those moments. It also never fails to bring laughter as one can also look back on funny memories.

As important as it is to photograph birthday celebrations, it is altogether better to hire professionals who are adept in this art. This way, you can not only spend more time with your child during the happiest day of his or her life but can also be ensured of beautiful imagery that comes with perfect timing- a crucial factor while capturing moments.

One such group of professional photographers who are the best in their field is Shipra and Amit Chhabra Photography based in New Delhi. They provide varied kids birthday photography services and have a specialised birthday package that involves activities like cake smash kids photography that is designed primarily for the enjoyment of your child.

Pictures are worth a million words and birthday celebrations undoubtedly deserve that value.

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