Little Tomboy – Tips For Photographing Young Kids

Getting kids to smile and pose for the camera is very difficult. Children like playing, they like exploring, and it is hard to get them to sit still. If you want to get beautiful photographs of your little tomboy, it can be tough getting them to keep still and to pose for the camera. If you put a child in front of a camera, they will often smile in an unnatural and slightly comical way. They will also tend to run off in the opposite direction. Now you see what we mean about it being tough to photograph young children. If you do want to get amazing images of your little Tomboy however, we have some tips for you to try. Take a look below and see how many of these tips you can try out the next time you have your camera handy.

Stop saying cheese!

As human beings, our natural instinct seems to always be to say cheese as soon as a camera is pointing at us. If you’re the one taking the photographs, stop telling your children to say cheese before you snap the picture. As soon as children hear the word ‘CHEESE’ they instantly put on their fakest smile, which is not natural. Instead, try to photograph your child playing naturally. This will give you a more natural and authentic photograph that you can treasure forever.

Find the right outfit for them

Little Tomboy photo shoots are very popular at the moment because the outfits your child wears will look incredibly cute. If you are looking for a Tomboy theme for your baby girl, jeans, a nice shirt, and perhaps a flat cap will all work very well. You could even accessorize with glasses. If you want a more natural theme, choose colours and patterns that compliment your child’s features. You don’t need to dress them like they’re about to make their way down the catwalk, just dress them smartly.


Remember, photographing young children is difficult, but you should never get stressed or anxious. If you do this, your children will pick up on the bad vibes. This is the last thing you want because photographs are supposed to be happy and memorable. Let your children play and be themselves, and don’t get mad if they won’t pose or keep still. Just be patient, relax, and take things at their pace. If you don’t get the shots you want, don’t worry, you can always try again tomorrow.

Try different settings

To really capture your Little Tomboy in the best possible light, try photographing her in different settings. Let her play in the garden for a while, and let her explore. She may play on the slide for a while, or she may decide to play in the dirt. Don’t try sitting her in front of a fake backdrop, follow her around and take pictures in different surroundings. This is a great way of getting her in a natural setting, plus it means your pictures have more variety.

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