MS Dhoni Instagrammed This Pic Of Daughter Ziva, Loaded With Cuteness

Offbeat | Written by Amrita Kohli | Updated: December 09, 2016 17:49 IST

India’s ODI skipper M S Dhoni may just have made your Friday an even better one. No, it has nothing to do with his on-field achievements this time but actually something he shared on Instagram – an adorable picture of his baby girl Ziva.
Ziva Dhoni Photoshoot
Some four hours before writing this, Daddy Dhoni posted this picture of his 10-month-old looking delightful in a pink dress and flower headband. She’s also holding a phone in her hand, as if she’s talking to someone.

Since being shared, the photo has collected over 1.6 lakh ‘likes.’ People really can’t handle how cute she looks.

“Awwweee… cuteness overloaded… lots of love… god bless her,” said one commenter. “Well, it is in her genes to be this adorable, cute little muchkin,” said another.

Even though Captain Cool Dhoni shared the picture sans a caption, the picture seems to be a part of a photoshoot conducted for the little princess about a week ago.

On November 30, mum Sakshi Dhoni shared this endearing photo of Ziva sitting on a bike. She even thanked the photographers for the awesome photoshoot.

Ziva Dhoni Photoshoot


The photographers also shared a group picture with Sakshi and Ziva Dhoni.

Ziva Dhoni Photoshoot

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