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For the Tiny Ones under 30 days of age

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart


We understand that after delivering your bundle of joy, you might want to keep him safely tucked into your house till 30 days. Our shoot at home packages are meant to capture your special memories / moments during that time, without you, leaving the comfort of your own surroundings.

Ideally a newborn shoot should be done within the first 10 – 15 days of birth. So our specialised team visits your home and works their magic of newborn posing to create those precious pictures that you will cherish for a lifetime. The team is equipped with a variety of props and accessories (like crochet outfits, long tailed hats etc) and will use a well lit area of your home for the shoot.

They will discuss with you before hand the themes that they intend to do and also keep interacting with you constantly for your feedback during the shoot.

Grow with me

To book multiple sessions int he first year refer to our Grow with me Packages

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At our studio in New Delhi, we have a plenty of exclusive handmade props and sets that we use for our newborn photography. Almost all of our accessories are ordered from the US and UK. Majority of our accessories are custom and hand made. we have some amazing...


A newborn baby is the best bundle of joy that anyone can be blessed with. Your little angel is born to a world that is waiting with baited breath for its arrival. Your child has a special new set of toys, a new cradle, and lovely new clothes. He or she brings more...

A Guide to Original Newborn Baby Photography

If there is one kind of photography that often seems to look all like the same is the newborn baby photography because many photographers are not that experienced or, simply put, they either feel often very alienated by the baby, maternity, the fragility of a newborn or they don’t feel they have all the freedom they could to do something really unique, both for the parents and the baby.

Probably just like wedding pictures, newborn baby photography is the kind that demands more experience, resources and a keen feeling to capture the righteous moments doing it like a professional, though with newborns we are dealing with less external factors, details and more knowledge of the subject and their own particular limitations and behaviours. This scenario often imposes limitations upon a photographer works and that’s why everybody end up taking the same kind of path and end up with the same “nice” results. But you don’t need to be a magician to reach significantly original conceptions.

No More Sleeping

Probably the number 1 feature of the cliché newborn baby photography is, a newborn sleeping. Cute little eyes shut tight. Over and over again throughout several different pictures from several different photographers. Yes, we all know newborns are simply, newborns, and difficult to deal even for a mother, but their little sparkling eyes are just… pretty! And you must do your efforts to capture them with them wide open.

Newborns are difficult but they are not enraged machines crying and begging for milk 24/7, they also have their candid and calm moments, in which they are specially developing their consciousness, slowly and still, starting to be curious about things around them. We often forgot babies are just like any other people but with smaller priorities and smaller needs. They don’t only need to eat and sleep, they also want to interact and have some fun.

You don’t need a baby to be 1 month old to already express this kind of outwards interest. Stick with the mother and the father and do like a paparazzi. Get to know everything about this baby, their schedule, when they are more cheerful, calm, receptive, what makes them laugh, open their eyes, and so on.

There are several praised, remarkable newborn baby photographies that depict very well the nuances even of such a young creature. And believe me, babies so young are much more interesting and remarkable expressing emotions, is something unique, hard to catch but not impossible and only demands your interest and great communication with the parents.

Mommy As Your Guinea Pig

Surely, we are more interested in the newborn than any other thing, but we can’t deny the power of a mother over their newborns. Just like she will provide you the best inside information about your baby, mommy will be the lap stage for the baby feel free and more spontaneous.

The strong bond between them is something that will also gift you with very unique moments. Get to spend a time around the mother and the baby specially at their home. Follow their routines and keep both eyes on them because amazing moments may pop without notice.

This is another scenario were you can get very unique pictures and, though you are more interested in the baby, you can still enjoy the moment and do the best portrayals between mommy and baby. If the kid gets as comfortable with the father, all the best, he can also be your guinea pig, just don’t loose the opportunity to frame them on their most easy going environment: the lap of a comforting relative.

Kids And Kids

Another great concept to turn your newborn baby photography unique is to change a little bit the actors. Instead of focusing solely on the mother/father contrast, it is really, really great to depict kids of different ages with newborns. Brothers and sisters you have the power! This kind of photography demands, surely, siblings to do this contrasts and is limited to this scenario, but whenever you can have an older kid holding, interacting with a newborn, the best.

There is something really magical about the contrast of features, is like a then and now kind of picture. Kids have very unique features, and doing this kind of study of subjects on your photographies is a great way to emphasise the features of the baby. Just avoid to do the job putting them to pose on standard positions. The older kid doesn’t have to hold the newborn essentially, so you can play either with how they are framed to make it even more unique.

We must never forget newborn baby photography is also about capturing babies on a very special shape they will loose very fast as they grow. Outlining this uniqueness is a sure hit, as well as these photographies are just extremely sweet. Kids galore!

newborn baby photography Shipra Amit Chhabra Delhi