Newborn Girl Photography

Those first few moments when you see your tiny newborn are priceless. This little bundle of joy  holds the key to your heart forever. Your life changes totally when you bring her home. No two days are the same when you have a newborn baby girl to take care of. Everything takes a back seat except the love and care for the newborn. She starts to grow up so fast that she seems to change everyday. It’s a good idea to hold on to these moments by getting professional pictures. The newborn pictures are the best part of all her milestones.

Important Milestones

Your precious baby girl has arrived. At this time you want to capture every moment of her life.  Newborn Girl Photography is the key. You can take a lot of pictures at home regularly. However some poses are not possible. It takes a trained newborn photographer to capture these memories. Visiting the professional photographer often is not really feasible. So the best time to take your girl to a trusted newborn girl photographer is highlighted below:

Newborn Sessions

Within the first few days of life of the newborn girl, try to get her a photographer. This must be an expert newborn photographer. The photographer also needs to be incredibly talented. He would know how to pose your newborn girl. Lots of patience and care is  required while creating some phenomenal images. All newborn baby photographers expect parents to visit in the first 10 – 15 days after birth. This is the baby’s most moldable and sleepiest phase. After that time your newborn girl might completely change. Its important to bring her to your trusted photographer at the earliest.

Three-Four Months

Once your baby girl hits 3 to 4 months, she has changed. She looks different and has  developed a great deal. Now is the time make some more memories. Capture pictures of the many great expressions of your baby girl. At 3-4 months, baby girls are already smiling and they start responding. She starts interacting with others and smiles a lot.

A professional newborn photographer can capture amazing pictures at this time. During these months, baby girls are also starting to hold their head up. They push up and interact when they are laying on their belly. A photographer can also take awesome shots out of this.

6 Months

At this age, child is beginning to snatch for objects, snickering and sitting up! Also your baby girl may need some help in sitting stably. She may be a bit wobbly at this stage. If she is then its wise to wait for a few more weeks. Let her become comfortable sitting down so that she can enjoy herself in the photoshoot. This is a super fun age to get photos. Your baby girl is completely interacting with others. She is also curious towards props in the set. You can also  include props like your girl’s most loved toy, book or blanket in the shoot.

9 Months

At this age, your baby girl has made dramatic improvements and changes. A photo session at this stage can capture her various activities. These may include crawling, and grabbing for things.  Her smiles and expressions are the best at this age.

12 Months

A cake smash is another very important milestone of her first year. The first birthday is one of the most cherished events. Make it more fun by giving her a cake to smash. The photoshoot set is designed according to her dress colors. Be creative and use colorful tutu dresses etc. Your expert photographer will help you in preserving these memories for a lifetime.

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