Newborn Photoshoot

Bringing a baby into your family is an amazing and awe-inspiring moment. You know that they change daily in those first few days and then continue to change throughout their life. Capturing those once in a lifetime moments and details are what newborn photography is all about. Yes, they grow up fast and you have a very limited time to capture those seemingly unforgettable moments. Preserving those precious memories with a professional newborn photoshoot is a decision that you will never regret.

Newborn Safety

Professional newborn and children’s photographers know the ways to safely and aesthetically pose babies for the most breathtaking natural photos. The physiology of a baby requires a gentle hand and a knowledge of movement, also. The safety of the baby should be the utmost priority and patience is the key. The baby takes the leads and the shoot naturally develops itself. Most photographers prefer minimal clothing on newborns but always have something near to clean up – and it is going to happen. The baby should be the focus of the pictures in the everlasting effects of the photo. Costumes add to the overall theme of the photo shoot but should not take away from the main character- the baby.

What do parents actually want to see in a picture of their baby? Parents want to be able to “feel” the emotion through the photography and let the pictures tell the story. A baby “hatching” from an egg portrays life beginning, as with the newborn. Likewise, a Dr. Seuss’ Lorax costume on a baby shows confidence in the world that the baby will encounter with perseverance and consideration. A life of contentment but able to meet a challenge. Maybe, don’t take life so serious and always find beauty in anything. A newborn photoshoot can be both fun and emotional for the parents.

Newborn Sleeping Photos

A baby photo of the “thinker” will emit all the hopes that the parents have for the child.  Hopes of a future filled with knowledge and ways to make the world a better place. A photo that makes people say, “I wonder what he/she is thinking?”. Likewise, a photo of a newborn sleeping in a natural position gives the impressions of peaceful sleep. Many adults can look at the picture and remember a time when all the problems of the world were so far away, and they want to keep it that way for their newborn for as long as possible.

Using the moon as a prop can symbolize the extremely wonderful and amazing feeling that all things are possible. You hope that the baby is dreaming of all the wonderful things that life has in-store while feeling the safety of loving parents and family.

The natural positioning of hands, feet, legs and arms should all look as if the baby itself put them there.  The facial expression, even sleeping, should portray a loving sense of bliss for the family. All the wonderful things ahead for this child can be conveyed through pictures.

As the renowned Dr. Seuss has said “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.”

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