Photography for twins and newborns requires careful attention to detail. Children require photos of their own as well as photos of the two together.  While it is precious to look identical, it is also important to differentiate and demonstrate the individuality of the children.

Shipra and Amit Chhabra Photography provides high quality newborn twins photography and sibling photography.

For newborn twins, photographers have incredible scenery options in order to accentuate the beauty of the children. As well as this, Shipra and Amit Chhabra Photography has elaborate costuming ideas in order to make the child look as vibrant and incredible as he/she is in real life.  In the photography, there are packages in which parent and child are incorporated.  It is important for children to be photographed side-by-side with the parents that created such beauty!

In order to watch the children flourish and grow, there is the option to book multiple photo sessions in the first year of the child’s life.  These “Grow with Me” packages ensure that all stages of the life of twins is accounted for, as to never miss a moment when looking back in the future.  This photography can even begin during pregnancy.  The photos are performed at 8-9 months pregnant, newborn, 2-4 months, 6-8 months, 10-14 months, and the birthday mark!  There are options to do photo shoots three, four, or six times through the year.

Shipra and Amit Chhabra’s siblings and twins photography captures the loving bond that siblings have from birth.  The photos taken are carefully chosen in order to reflect the personal relationship that exists.  Images capture the little things that siblings do together.  There are interactions that simply are not present between others.  Siblings and twins are an amazing thing!

For the photography session, there are a number of themes available for selection.  These themes keep the children together, and capture the images that simply could not exist if taken with each child alone.

For newborns, there are options available to do either studio shoots or household shoots.  It is understood that at such a young age, it can be difficult to take the child anywhere but home.

With newborn twins, Shipra and Amit Chhabra are dedicated to capturing the joy and innocence of newborn children.  There is a love a precious nature that simply cannot be compared to any other human interaction.  In the photography session, photos will be taken of the children cuddling up to each other and enjoying the pleasant nature of gentle sleep.  Simple, soft, and colorful options are often selected for attire in order to draw the eye to the precious child in the photo.  Shipra and Amti Chhabra are able to capture the essence of the loving, new children.

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