Pics of Babies – Fortis LaFemme First Day Photo

Fortis LaFemme Greater Kailash

Dear Parent,

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to capture your first day photo.

The first few days of life remind us that birth is a miracle, full of wonder and ripe with emotion. You’ll never have a second chance to meet your baby for the first time. It’s a moment you’ll always remember.

We are honoured to have been able to capture it in time.


Shipra & Amit Chhabra

Pics of Babies – Day 1 Framed

The birth of a baby is regarded as the holiest and purest happening on Earth. A day of hustle and bustle, the center of attraction of all relatives and friends, the baby hardly realizes the on-goings of the day. With both parents busy receiving congratulations, the entire day seems to fizzle out, of which the baby has no remembrance of when he/she grows up. People tend to rely on their memories to re-live the cherished day.

But memories are hardly anything which would be sufficient to recall the baby’s first cry or the baby being adored and loved by relatives from far and beyond. Soon enough, the baby grows and memories fade out. The first few days have an exciting aura in them and unfortunately, occur just once. Capturing them is tough, but once done, they are the most precious possession of the baby and the family.

Pics of Babies, captured in high quality, have their price in Gold, as they cover the emotions and happenings of the initial days, in a harmonic tone to create the perfect collage. While getting them clicked, make sure you have photographs of the following for sure –

  1. Baby’s Footprints: As the child grows, he no longer remembers the times when he was tiny. Getting the baby’s feet inked and then taking an impression on a paper is a priceless asset.
  2. Held by the Mother: The one whom the baby needs the most, the one with whom the baby feels the most secured. Having a photograph of the baby curled in his mother’s arms is possibly the best memory the mother can ask for.
  3. Gripping a finger: The grasp of a baby’s hand on an elder’s (optionally, the Father) finger is the cutest, yet humblest memory of the child’s need for care and guidance.
  4. Photographed with Siblings: No matter how much they fight in the upcoming days, siblings never let others lay a hand on one of them. This shall be a photograph beyond love and friendship.
  5. Close Up of the face: The movement of the baby’s facial muscles throughout the day is the thing to be captured. This results in numerous weird, funny, cute and innocent facial expressions, something to laugh about and love in the days to come.
  6. Fondles by Grandparents: Parents apart, the most doting and caring people for the baby are its grandparents. Growing up with their love is natural, but the first cheek-bite or cuddling is priceless.

The baby is supposed to be in lots and lots of photographs. And all of this requires a good photographer. Pics of Babies are tough to be put into a perfect frame owing to the continuous movement and rush all around. But these moments are what people love to recall. This calls for a patient photographer, with a rigid hold on the Camera and sound knowledge of the various angles to be covered.

New Delhi, India based Shipra & Amit Chhabra are a team of experienced photographers who specialise in newborns, children, maternity and family photography. Shipra and Amit and their team cover First Day Photo (Pics of Babies ) with zeal and have made quite a reputation in this field as well.