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Portfolio Photography

To get children interested in portfolio photography is not that much of a challenge as to get them interested in reading books without pictures. Children are highly visual and imaginative so, simply showing them a camera and what the camera can do is already a big teaser once they will easily recognise what they can do.

Portfolio Photography Delhi Shipra Amit ChhabraAlso, we all must remember how most of us behave when we are on vacations or simply celebrating something with family and friends. There is a big instinct to take a camera and picture all of that because taking pictures is a way to own things, moments and places once we immortalise them inside a photograph. They are ours like trophies and tangible objects, even if they digital pictures.

Children are no different, actually, they have this instinct even stronger than us because the natural feel to know, see and touch everything is much more vibrant at this age. However, you must start slow to do not scare them away exposing all at once how much complex can be a photo shoot.

Getting Familiar

Show the kid how the digital camera resembles most gadgets like smartphones, tablets and other digital interfaces. This makes them more confident about getting to know the camera since they will also see a lot of other physical buttons to deal with.

Do and Show

Is important the kid can get to see the action and the consequence immediately. Our children are getting more and more impatient as everything is instantaneous and ready to use. Show what you will picture, take a picture and show it to them. You can also, at this introductory stage, set your camera to decode pics in brighter, more vibrant colours and you should play with perspective. This will immediately hook their attention as it shows how the subject is changed in the picture.

Let Them Play

Don’t talk too much. Be simple and fast. Once again, don’t test their patience. Let them try and play with the camera right after the introduction. This is a good moment to also teach them how to be careful, how to handle it safely and explain how much fragile the lenses can be, which is a very important lesson for any photographer.

Everyday a Lesson

Don’t push your children too hard and tease them a little a bit. Teach them every time a new skill or feature of the camera and the process of taking pictures. You can start, for example, doing “magic” with pictures taken with high exposure, as they will get blurry, ghostly. Children will learn they can “paint” with photography too. Anything that defies their gaze and creates an unusual picture of the subject is captivating.
After every lesson, however, let them practice a lot.

Keep the Thrill Up

Don’t let them get bored at all. Every time you see they are already getting over with the techniques, expand their knowledge. For parents, this can be even more effective as you can set a “deadline to play”. Homework, dinner, shower, don’t let the procrastinate on the camera, tease them with a new lesson for the next day because they have other things to do. This keeps their interest boiling.

Know your Children

For last, but not least, each kid is a different human being. Don’t push them too hard if they are really not interested on photography or if your approach is not working.

Portfolio Photography is excellent for any kind of kid because it is a quite independent, freestyle crafting, though, as anything in the world, it will appeal some people more than others.

It can be actually really good for people and children who are not too much artistic and creative since the practice will help to develop the right side of their brains. On the other hand, children who are already quite creative and artistic will benefit from the math lessons and develop more the left side.

Either case, if this is not your kid’s cup of tea, there are many other activities they could do. Also, let them free to choose a camera or something else is also a great way to let them quite free to know it by their own.