Portrait photography is an art set apart from others. One of the most challenging kinds of photography, portraits aims to capture not just general details, but also every emotion and spirit of the model in question.

Portrait Photography captures the subject’s personality

Unlike other forms of photography, portrait photography solely focuses on the subject. There is no importance placed on highlighting the background or what the person is wearing. It is all about the persons themselves. Sure, the background and clothes have to have a bit of effort put into to make the overall effect look good, but that is about all that they are necessary for. At the end of the day, portrait photography focuses on capturing raw emotion and getting a sense of the subject’s personality to convey to others. It is natural, easy to be part of and produces extremely satisfying results.

Taken from a distance

Instead of taking the photo from very close to the subject (which might distort the subject’s face and result in getting the angle wrong) portrait photography is taken from a certain distance, for a true representation record of the subject’s features.

Lighting is key

The lighting needs to be balanced just right. If the scene isn’t brightly lit, shadows in the background might create a distraction, which will certainly take the focus away from the subject. Being solely for the subject, this kind of thing cannot be permitted to happen with portrait photography. In a scenario where the studio isn’t sufficiently lit, photographs need to be taken in natural lighting.

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