Maternity / Pregnancy Photo Shoot

Secrets For Getting Awesome Pregnancy Pictures

Parenthood is a blessed feeling. There are times when you should ignore how you look and focus on how you feel. Nothing can match the feeling of being a mother, pregnant with a child. You will definitely want to remember things related to your pregnancy, no matter how awkward or bad it is. Women tend to get fat and insecure to get clicked during pregnancy, but, these imperfections will be the most cherished thing after a few years.

We have a few tips on how to get amazing pregnancy pictures and cover up your insecurities to a large extent in the photos.

  • Arrange the background well –┬ámake sure that the background is clutter free. Open spaces like gardens, parks and lake sides make a great background. Avoid messy and cluttered bedroom or living room. Get out and feel the nature. Lean against a tree or your terrace wall with clear, blue sky in the background.
  • Play with lights and shadows. Try to use different the lights to look fabulous. Use natural lights. Go out and feel the sun. Choose a beautiful sunset to make your pictures look great, where you glow in the orange sunlight. Try to click pictures without using the flash. Stand in front of an open door or window to let natural light flow in if you shoot during mid-day hours.
  • A perfect time for the shoot is also important. Select a time when you are half way, like around 30 weeks. You are your best guide in this matter. See when you are most comfortable physically. Schedule the photo shoot during such a time.
  • A nice and fitted dress is a must for pregnancy photo shoot. The whole point of this shoot will be to show your gorgeous baby bump. If you wear loose fitting clothes, it will hide away the curves. Instead, choose nicely fitted and stretchy clothes for the shoot in vibrant colours. Stick to solid, dark colours and neutrals which are timeless and will look good even after ten years later, when you look at the pictures.
  • Try a silhouette pose. A gorgeous silhouette pose looks great. Take your husband along and pose pretty in natural sunlight.
  • Use props of various kinds to get different kinds of pictures. Interesting props like books, colourful umbrellas, a tiny baby-chair, etc. will make the pictures look different. Pose natural with these props and get great pictures. Let your photographer guide you on how to use the props.
  • Use some baby clothes in some of the pictures. Baby clothes give a cute background to your pictures. If you have a older child take him/her with you. Pose sweet with you elder kid to get a really nice family snap.
  • Find a professional photographer for your shoot. This is a very important part in your life and you do not want to regret later for having pictures that are really awkward to look at. Experts will know the perfect frames and lights for your pictures and will give you pictures that you will like to preserve life long. Talk to your photographer on what you need and let him suggest you on technical things of the photo session.


Celebrate your maternity with pregnancy a photo session and give yourself a memory that will last lifelong.