4 Popular Children’s Photo Shoot Theme Ideas

As a parent there are fewer finer things in life than watching your child grow up. Of course we love to see our children grow older. Secretly though, there is a part of us that would like them to stay little forever. Sadly we can’t freeze time. What we can do is make and cherish memories that we’ll remember forever. Capturing memories with photographs is a perfect way of reminding ourselves of how precious life can be. Especially where our kids are concerned. Because of this, more and more parents are hiring professional children’s photographers. If you’re thinking of having a children’s photo shoot, here are 4 popular children’s photo shoot theme ideas for you to choose from. Our favourite from the list is the vintage photoshoot.

Vintage Photoshoot

Over the years, vintage photoshoot themes have become very popular. Because of this, you may wish to think about having a vintage photoshoot theme for your children. Whether you go for a vintage country theme or an art deco theme from the 30s, your images will be stunning. Professional photographers often specialize in vintage themes so speak to your photographer before booking.

Their favourite toys

When we think of kids playing we often think of a young child sat playing with their favourite toys. If this reminds you of your child, you might wish to go for a toy theme. This is a very popular as it captures children playing naturally. It also leaves them happy so you can enjoy plenty of smiling photographs. Using your child’s favourite toys is a great way of adding a personal touch to your images.


There’s just something about balloons that children can’t seem to get enough of. If used correctly, balloons will help you get some stunning children’s photographs. Professional photographers often have children grab onto a handful of bright and colourful balloons to get the shots they’re after. If you’re looking for a summer theme for example, combing balloons with blue skies and green grass is ideal. Balloons add bright colour to photographs and help keep children entertained. You can have as many balloons as you like. You should also remember to consider which colours you choose.

Teddy bears picnic

If you’re really looking for cute images, a teddy bears picnic theme is the way to go. Your photographer will have your child sat at a small table and chairs, surrounded by stuffed teddy bears. Each bear will have its own little cup and saucer. Some people like to take things one step further. Here they go with a vintage (photoshoot) teddy bears picnic theme. The results from these shoots speak for themselves.

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