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Aaleahya – The Dreamer

Children Photography Delhi Gurgaon Noida India

Little Aaleahya was always considered to be a dreamer; she told many stories to her friends at school and even to her family. She was an only child and as a result she spent most of her time playing with her dolls and wondering what it would be like to finally get to the place she always dreamt of called Fairyland. This is where she saw the beautiful stars which lit up the sky, a garden filled with flowers and birds. It was a beautiful place but all in her dreams.

One night Aaleahya went to bed early; she was exhausted from playing the whole time that day at school; then suddenly she went off to her favourite place Fairyland. She crept out of bed while her parents were asleep, went through the window where the magical elves carried her on their backs and into the beautiful forest. The moon wasn’t full that night, it more looked like a big smile turned sideways she thought. The sky was beautiful, filled with stars, some brighter and some even felt closer to her. She was dressed in her favourite blue tights and her white sweater. She also had on her pink shoes and hugged her teddy which she carried to bed every night. She began her travel into Fairyland where she met her favorite bunny Billy. “Hey Billy, why are you not sleeping?” she asked. “Well I knew you were coming and I wanted to keep you company” he said with a smile. They started walking through the land and they stopped and picked a few apples from a tree, then she heard, “Aaleahya! Aaleahya!

By this time Aaleahya was dreaming away in Fairyland but the voice she heard was coming from her mom. She woke up and realised Aaleahya was not in bed.

Aaleahya, Aaleahya!” she shouted and ran downstairs to see if she was watching television. However she was nowhere to be found. Oh no, where could she be, her mother thought to herself with a worried look on her face; then she saw that the front door was opened. She ran outside quickly, looked around and there she was sleeping peacefully in the garden on the bench with her bunny hanging down almost to the floor. “Whew, you had me worried, must have been sleep walking again”, said her mom as she whispered a sigh of relief. She slowly lifted Aaleahya off the chair. ”Mommy, I was in Fairyland and I saw Billy”, said Aaleahya with a sleepy voice. ”I bet you were, sorry Aaleahya but you were just sleep walking again, I found you on in the garden on the bench” her mom said. Oh no, it felt so real she thought. Aaleahya smiled as her mom took her up and carried her back to bed.