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Showreel Templates

Showreel Information

  • The showreel includes edited images for the shoot
  • If you would like the images and text to appear in a particular order, please specify the order when submitting the showreel information. The order or text cannot be changed once the showreel is made
  • Text is personal messages that parents need to provide. It represents your emotions that you want documented in the slideshow
  • There is no generic text or a database of text that we will randomly add to the showreel
  • Text CANNOT and WILL NOT be copied from another showreel as it is unethical to copy someone else’s emotions
  • The text in the showreel is limited to 90 characters per slide. The top line can hold 40 characters and the bottom line can hold 50 characters
  • We do not recommend adding a lot of text (50% of the text slides are fine). Adding more than 50% makes the showreel look like a text based slideshow
  • If you do not provide any text, the showreel will be created without any text.
  • The music is licensed and cannot be changed
  • The fonts and colours are embedded into the showreel and cannot be changed

Behind the Scenes