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Children Photography – The Journey

I remembered back to my own childhood – there was a framed picture of my sibling and I on the wall, I remember looking at it thinking, “here I am, I belong here”.

For me, that photo was an important validation of who I was and that I was celebrated and loved. It helped my self esteem. I think of this when I photograph children with their families. I believe it is such a positive message you can give your children – photos of you together and of them on their own. I believe it’s a visual affirmation, on the wall where they see it everyday, that they are loved and celebrated by you.

This belief in the value of my work gives my work meaning, depth and I photograph from a place of love and intention that children will benefit from the images I create for them throughout their lives. I know many of these pictures will become (and have become) an iconic part of their family history.

Shipra Amit Delhi Magazine Shoot Children Portfolio

Studio Milestones


Apr 2021

Chandigarh Opens
We opened in April 2021. The studio is built on almost 3,000 sq ft. Apart from a feeding room, the entire floor space was designed to be empty, thus giving us almost 2,000+ sq ft of space to create setups that would surely wow our clients. New props, backdrops, accessories were all sourced from all over the globe. Surely, its going to be an amazing journey creating memories in Chandigarh.

Mar 2021


Chandigarh, here we come

After exploring for almost 7 weeks we narrowed down on Chandigarh and thus began the process of opening a 2nd studio. The idea was pretty straightforward – to create a 2nd world class kids studio. The implementation though was going to take a lot of work.


Jan 2021


The 2021 lockdown had given us an opportunity to plan for where we wanted to take our studio. One of the top items on our list was to expand our presence outside the Delhi area. Thus game the idea of opening a 2nd studio and we started traveling to various cities to explore opportunities



Three best rated : best photographer in Delhi

Recognized as Best Photographers in New Delhi by Three Best Rated® – 2021


Jan 2021

5,000 Shoots


Shoots done in the studio


Jun 2020

Studio Reopens

The studio was reopened with strict Covid Protocols. We operated with limited staff and did very limited shoots. It was great to start shooting again as the downtime had given us an opportunity to plan and implement some new things.


May 2020

Live Sessions
The lockdown gave us an opportunity to catch up with your social media followers. We held a series of live sessions on Instagram including

Indian Cricketer : Piyush Chawla
Discussion topics included their shoot experience in our studio, how to keep young kids busy & physically active during lockdown

Maternity Clothing Brand Momsoon
Discussion topic : How to do a professional maternity photoshoot at home

Influencer Ahana Mehta Mehrotra
Discussion topic : Birth Photography


Mar 2020

Covid-19 Lockdown
The studio was closed due to Covid-19 on Mar 15, 2020. During the lockdown the team is engaging in several remote activities which includes planning for new themes and setups as well as educating themselves to keep current on the various aspects of kids photography


Three best rated : best photographer in Delhi

Recognized as Best Photographers in New Delhi by Three Best Rated® – 2020


Sep 2019

Launched Birth Photography
Birth Photography Delhi Shipra Amit Chhabra


As Delhi’s leading newborn & birth photographers, we bear witness to incredible transformations. The amount of emotion that takes place when a baby is born is magical.

We document raw beauty & authentic love. Our goal is to help create memories that last a lifetime.

You can review our work and services here


Jun 2019

4,000 Shoots


Shoots done in the studio


May 2019

Collaboration with Rosewalk & Rainbow Hospitals

We are very proud to announce our tie up with Rosewalk Hospital, Panchsheel and Rainbow Hospital, Malviya Nagar. 



Three best rated : best photographer in Delhi

Recognized as Best Photographers in New Delhi by Three Best Rated® – 2019


Dec 2018

1,100+ Shoots
What a splendid year it has been. We closed with year with a total of 1,141 photoshoots.

Oct 2018

Launched Baby Treasury

Handmade Tutu dresses, headbands & tiaras. 

The Baby Treasury

Oct 2018

Cake Smash Event

Our yearly cake smash event was a huge success. We ended up doing 130 shoots this month. Needless to say it was an exhausting month but the energy and smiles of the kids made it totally worthwhile


Aug 2018

First workshops conducted

Participant Feedback

Thanks you for great workshop. I’m busting with ideas! I can’t wait to implement your workflow into my workplace. I love seeing real life example and creating real, simple and exciting leverage ideas that can be easily transformed. Thanks all you team members also. Really appreciate it.- Digant Chhabra

It was a wonderful experience yesterday. Amit, I was amazed by the hard work and heart you’ve put in your studio. Your team is excellent. Much appreciation and admiration for Madhuri, Jayati and everyone who make each and every photo come alive. So much to learn from you and your team. – Maaheeka Choudhary

Thanks Amit for wonderful workshop.. learnt a lot..
And what energy you have ! Going on from morning to late evening without break.. hats off..! – Suman Patel


July 2018

3,000 Shoots


Shoots done in the studio


Jun 2018

Workshops SOLD OUT

Newborn workshop sold out in 2 days

Infant workshop sold out in 4 days

Maternity workshop sold out in 7 days


Jun 2018

First Workshop Announced

First Newborn, Maternity, and Infant Photography workshop planned

Shipra Amit Chhabra Delhi Newborn Workshop India

May 2018

Families of Chennai Super King Visit the studio


May 2018

Child Magazine 10th anniversary issue

Delhi Children Modelling Portfolio Shoot Shipra Amit

Jan 2018

ADVIK CHAWLA – child Magazine Shoot

Indian cricketer, Piyush Chawla, and his family were photographed for the Child Magazine


Sep 2017

Published in Delhi Planet

If you are a new parent or the cool uncle/aunt, there’s no doubt about the fact that you adore the little one more than you could ever imagine! Right! And of course, you want to catch their each and every move, their each and every cute, little sigh on camera. Probably that’s why baby photoshoots have become such a huge thing now! So, we got in touch with one of Delhi’s popular bay photographer couple, Shipra & Amit Chhabra, to tell us all about how they manage to click newborns and older kids, what preparations parents need to do from their end and more!

Read the full interview here



Three best rated : best photographer in Delhi

Recognized as Best Photographers in New Delhi by Three Best Rated® – 2017


Dec 2017

7 Magazine Shoots in 2017


Dec 2017

1000+ Shoots in a Calendar Year
We closed 2017 with 1061 photoshoots. It was a truly amazing year and the studio grew from strength to strength

Aug 2017

2,000 Shoots


2,000 Shoots done in the studio

July 2017

Team Vacation


Jan 2017

Published in NDTV

India’s ODI skipper M S Dhoni may just have made your Friday an even better one. No, it has nothing to do with his on-field achievements this time but actually something he shared on Instagram – an adorable picture of his baby girl Ziva.

Some four hours before writing this, Daddy Dhoni posted this picture of his 10-month-old looking delightful in a pink dress and flower headband. She’s also holding a phone in her hand, as if she’s talking to someone.

Ziva Dhoni - Shipra Amit Chhabra Photography Delhi

Since being shared, the photo has collected over 1.6 lakh ‘likes.’ People really can’t handle how cute she looks.

“Awwweee… cuteness overloaded… lots of love… god bless her,” said one commenter. “Well, it is in her genes to be this adorable, cute little muchkin,” said another.

Even though Captain Cool Dhoni shared the picture sans a caption, the picture seems to be a part of a photoshoot conducted for the little princess about a week ago.

On November 30, mum Sakshi Dhoni shared this endearing photo of Ziva sitting on a bike. She even thanked the photographers for the awesome photoshoot.

Ziva Dhoni - Shipra Amit Chhabra Photography Delhi

Dec 2016

7 Magazine Shoots in 2016


Oct 2016

MP HEMA MALINI visits the studio

What a wonderful day; to get to be a part of the birthday celebrations of one of the absolute legends


Jun 2016

Published in EiSamay

Author : Mohua Das

Author : Anwesha Banerjee

Newborn photography is not a very familiar concept in our country. In India, a newborn is fortified with many superstitious beliefs and fears. As Arna Bhattacharya, a resident of Mumbai says, “I don’t have any superstitions as such. But I fear that the child may get hurt while they are getting him ready for the photo shoot.”  Moreover, there are mothers who do not even want to share their babies’ photographs on social media before their rice ceremony, out of fear that they may attract the evil spirits.

Delhi based kids photography studio shipraamit.com do not keep any time limit for the job. Photographer and owner of the studio Amit Chhabra believes that safety and hygiene of the child is our first priority. “So we don’t specify any time limit. We are ready when they are”, says Amit. However, if one is really lucky, one might also get a chance to click a photo when the child is awake. At those times, the sudden and erratic expressions that come over the face of the infant conjure up ‘the moment’.

Newborn photography is not just a fad of the parents; it also signifies that the society is moving towards breaking another glass ceiling. It is a way of unleashing the self from the irrational beliefs and practices that bind an expecting mother or a new-born baby. Expressing the self through photographs is another aspect of the postmodern culture, and newborn photography is a small yacht in the vast sea, sailing towards the rising sun.


Feb 2016

Published in LBB

With many fun-filled thematic shoots, we were instantly drawn to Shipra and Amit Chhabra’s photography. With lots of gear, a hi-tech studio, in-house printing and a creative mindset, you can’t go wrong with these two.

You can shoot at their studio, or shoot at home, whichever you are comfortable with. They offer special packages like sibling shots, hire them for a full day, and the Grow With Me package {where they capture the first year of your baby in increments}.

You can even gift a photoshoot to some parents-to-be!


July 2016

1,000 Shoots


Shoots done in the studio


Jan 2016

Published in Deccan Herald

Author : Shilpa Raina

If digital photography revolutionised the way wedding photography was being done, it has silently stirred a revolution in the niche kids’ photography segment which is growing at a slow, but steady pace. The memory of going to a studio to click a mandatory picture of the newborn or celebrate his first birthday has taken a fashionable turn. Those awkward poses and cheap props have been replaced by glamorous photo shoots and items like cane baskets, flowers, and swings respectively.

When Shipra Chhabra moved back to India two-and-a-half years ago, she observed how, in this segment, no one had proper infrastructure. So she, along with her husband, Amit, started Shipra & Amit Chhabra photography. “We believe in offering a homely environment, so everything is at one place in our work place. It looks more like a home,” Shipra tells Metrolife.

According to her, safety of the child is of utmost importance and hence they follow the strict policy of “no child should be left unattended”.

We work with newborns (10-12 days old) so sanitisation is of extreme importance. Not everyone is comfortable clicking a child as a lot depends on his mood,” she says, adding that they arrange pre-shoot consultations to ensure that the anxiety, children have on meeting strangers, subsides.

From pre-pregnancy to packages like “Grow with Me”– Shipra & Amit have interesting concepts to capture major milestones of the motherhood journey. And it is these concepts that determine their success rate.

We have created our own props and we work with them. But it is the concepts that define our work. It is not necessary that everything will suit your child, so we create these concepts,” says Shipra.

Neha Goyal, 24, recently became mother of a baby boy. The family decided to get a photo shoot done for Pankit and his sister, Aahana. They got in touch with Shipra and thus came out a beautiful series of images showing an angelic girl sitting and smiling on a white couch in a dream-like sequence, and that of Pankit, sleeping blissfully on a log of wood. “We wanted their memory to be something different.”

And if Shipra is to be believed, people are becoming bolder and willing to pose with their baby bumps. “People are creating memories and are ready to make it an interesting milestone of their life,” she adds.


Jan 2016

Published in TIMES


Dec 2015

First Magazine Shoot

Child Magazine Shoot Shipra Amit Chhabra Photography

Sep 2015

500 Shoots


Shoots done in the studio


Sep 2015

Featured in Times of India

Author : Mohua Das

Dramatic baby bump photo shoots are all the rage

Wrapped in yards of flowing red fabric she dives into water, gliding and swirling like a mermaid as the flashbulb explodes. What might seem like a glamorous calendar shoot is actually a mum-to-be having some serious fun with her baby bump.

Maternity shoots like these are becoming increasingly popular as young parents chase photo ideas that can be wacky, artsy and cute. There was a time when pregnancy was a fraught phase for women and baring the bump or photographing a new born were taboo. Then came the hands-on-the-belly shoot. Now, a clutch of young photographers are offering unconventional ideas that involve styling, sets and props. The results are often cutting-edge and quite breath-taking. Some images seem like avant-garde paintings, some are underwater spectacles, some vintage shots and some are playful photographs of painted bellies.

A favourite with expecting mothers are dreamy walk-in-the-wood shots dressed in Greek togas, a floral tiara around the head. “At a time when they think they’re not looking their best, this feels feminine and flattering,” says Delhi’s Shipra Chhabra.

Even dads are going in for man-ternity shots. Ritesh Sharma is one of the many enthusiastic dads ready to extend the fun he had with the pre-baby shoot. “Now that my daughter is eight months I plan to get another portfolio done. This time of my arm tattooed with Lord Shiva cradling a child where the faces are mine and my daughter’s,” he says.

These images end up in coffee table books, Facebook albums and on living room walls. Designing the look is no cakewalk. Amit Chhabra recently turned his studio into a narrow alley of Amsterdam with a flower-decked cycle that the expecting mom rode. “She lives in Netherlands but was delivering in India so she wanted to recreate that mood,” he says.


Jul 2014

Partnership with Mamma Mia
Another BIG collaboration. We are honoured that Fortis Mamma Mia, Shalimar Bagh, one of Delhi’s biggest hospital facility, would be decorating their walls with our newborn and children photographs. We are currently in the process of printing large canvases (some as large as 6 feet) for Mamma Mia and La Femme.

Can it get bigger and better than this. Let’s wait and watch. A heartfelt thank you from the entire team of Amit Chhabra photography for all the support and encouragement.


Jun 2014

Partnership with Fortis LaFemme GK
Hurray! New moms and would be moms. Your baby now becomes a model as soon as he or she is born.

We are very proud to announce our tie up with Fortis La Femme Greater Kailash and are honoured that we will be taking those first pictures of your bundle of joy in the hospital.Our newborn and children photographs will adorn the walls of La femme.

We could not have asked for a better place to showcase our work than this premier institute


May 2104

Partnership with Apollo Cradle

Happy to announce our partnership with Apollo Cradle, Gurgaon – as part of this partnership the Cradle walls will be decorated with our newborn and children photography.

We are also the official partners for the May 2014 event – Celebrating 5,000 babies born in Cradle Gurgaon



Studio Launched

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.

2013 has been a significant year for us. After almost 2 years of planning we launched our newborn and child photography studio in Delhi with the vision to capture the feeling, the love, and the priceless memories of little ones that last forever.

The year has also taken us to 4 continents – started with spending a few weeks in Sydney, Australia. Followed by a few trips to the US (Tampa, San Francisco, Houston, and New York), lived the summer in London and are now living life to the fullest in New Delhi.

    The Importance of Patience

    Patience is one of the most important qualities we possess as humans, yet it seems that patience is losing value in a world that has become obsessed with instant results.

    I look around me and see people driving as fast as possible, fast food restaurants with drive though windows and articles in magazines about getting more done in less time.

    Sure there is value in getting things done quickly but what about the things that can’t be done quickly? I think people are forgetting that some things require a long amount of time to be done well. In fact when I think about anything I have ever done really well the one common factor is the amount of time I put into it.

    People ask me the reason behind our success and the answer is quite simple, we spent a lot of time doing it. There was never a simple trick or a quick fix that allowed me to make huge jumps, it all comes down to the years and years I have dedicated myself to getting better.

    It requires an immense amount of patience photographing children. Each child is different and understands things differently. It requires immense patience and practice to know how to bring the best out of every child. Spending years dedicated to one thing takes a lot of patience but the reward is always worth the price you pay.

    I have a feeling that those who remember the importance of patience in the following years will have a serious advantage over those who want everything done instantly.