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Birth Photography



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Capturing Moments ….

… as they happen

As Delhi’s leading newborn & birth photographers, we bear witness to incredible transformations. The amount of emotion that takes place when a baby is born is magical.

We document raw beauty & authentic love. Our goal is to help create memories that last a lifetime.

Choosing to hire a birth photographer is choosing to never forget.
– Shipra Chhabra

Birth Photography India Delhi Gurgaon Shipra Amit Chhabra

Birth Photography

Birth Deserves to be Celebrated

The day your child comes into the world, it changes everything.
The rise of birth photography has been welcomes by many, including the vast number of excited photographers who are super keen to capture this amazing journey.

Love Stories Preserved

Shipra & Amit Photography speacilizes in maternity, newborn, children, and birth photography. They provide services in the Delhi, NCR region


Your Memories … Your Story

The photos from your labor and delivery are a beautiful reminder of one of the most important days of your life.

Captured Simplicity

WE capture unmatched strength, raw beauty, and authentic love. Because regardless of how or where you give birth…we believe your birth day will be one of the most powerful days of your life

Timeless Adventure

The second your baby is born, you go through a transformation. Just seconds ago, your baby was inside of you. And now your baby is looking you in the eyes and making the first connections that will last a lifetime.

The Story of Beginning

Perhaps more fundamental and profound than any other story, Is the story of beginning.

Beginning to breathe… Beginning to see… Beginning to understand this life, this love.


Capture the Moment

A moment so powerful and vivid full of so many different feelings. Your body and mind are full of love, pain, anger, happiness, fear, hope. A special event that can hardly be described by words if you have never experienced or witnessed it.

Birth Images

They are all about Love

Hiring a birth photographer allows you and your spouse to completely experience the birth of your baby, knowing your memories are being professionally captured by someone who has both experience in attending births, as well as professional knowledge of their camera equipment


What Our Clients are Saying

“A Great Find”

All right Shipra and Amit.. well to begin with.. they have created a fantasy world.. children & parents irrespective of their age groups just get swooned.. Apart from being extremely good professionals they greet you with so much warmth and make u feel at home.. their work obviously speaks better than any words which could describe it.. What a lovely experience.. thanks guys.. u rock!

They say that child photography is very tricky.. This thought will change post meeting Shipra.. she can make your baby stand on one leg and may be make him dance too

Navneet Raina

“Another successful experience”

Shipra and Amit make a fabulous team! My journey with them started when me and my wife met our gynaecologist and asked her whether should we do a Labour room shoot, to our surprise she encouraged us to do it and do with this particular team. Since then my experience with both Shipra and Amit has grown from strength to strength.. be it the labour room shoot or the new born shoot .. the way they come across is very honest and enthusiastic people.. additionally they have a great sense business and marketing..Keep up the good work and hope to see you soon 🙂

Nakul Gupta


When we started to google for child photographers in Delhi, we came across Shipra and Amit Chhabra Photography and after seeing their work, we did not take even a second to decide that they are the one for us. And God, we were so right. From the moment we got into their studio we got so excited seeing their work, their beautiful and quirky set-ups and their huge collection of baby accessories. The staff was amazingly helpful and co-operative. They did every possible thing to help us feel comfortable (considering our baby even took a half hour nap during the shoot). And finally, we were blown away by the pictures. They were just amazing. I would highly recommend the family portrait. Shipra & Amit were the best decision and we have decided to revisit them again after some years.

Swati Gupta

Birth Photography

It is the first gift you will give your baby

We capture the moment when you became parents .. when you were so mesmerised by a tiny family member you have created ..

Birth Photography is pure photojournalism. There is no posing or directing. There is no other time in a person’s life that compares to when they welcome their baby into the world.

Our aim is to capture the love, beauty, and emotions that surround birth.

Having a birth photographer is a special experience as captures the story of birthing from a different perspective.

While you are overcome with myriad emotions of anticipation, anxiety and physical pain, the photographer captures every emotion that crosses your face before and after birth. This may include moments while your husband is supporting you while in labour. Holding you hand, massaging your back, motivating you or even freaking out, you have It all preserved to savor once you are back home and settled with your bundle of joy

You and your loved ones will be able to look back at this journey of capturing the birth and see your strength and power as well as the tender moments in those first few hours of life.

Birth Photography is a beautiful gift to share with your family.

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