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HOME SHOOT – Covid-19 Protocol

The following are the Covid-19 policies, and protocols will be followed for home shoots.

These protocols are for everyone’s safety & these would need to be followed in order to schedule and do a shoot. No exceptions whatsoever would be made. Shoots will be cancelled should any of these are violated

Covid 19

Shoot Area Requirements

  • In order to do a shoot we will need an empty room with a minumum size of 15ft x 15ft
  • The room should have NO FURNITURE and the floor area should be clean
  • The room should have a room heater if the temperature is below 28 degrees and the shoot is for a newborn
  • Only 2 adults, ideally the parents, should be allowed in the shoot room. 

Covid Tests

  • If you require us to come with Covid test reports then we will get a Covid test done 3 days prior to the shoot.
  • We will also request the parents to undergo the Covid tests 3 days prior
  • Covid tests done more than 3 days prior to the shoot date will not be considered
  • The cost of our Covid test for the team that is doing the home shoot will be bourne by the clients

Social Distancing

  • Only parents allowed in the shoot area 
  • Nurses, Extended Family, Helpers, Friends strictly prohibited from entering the shoot area


  • Face coverings/masks are required at all times. 

Shoot discussions

  • All discussions to be done prior to the shoot over the phone
  • During the shoot there is going to be minimal conversation (as required)