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Our Dresses

our collection has over 180 dresses sourced from all over the globe

Terms of Usage

  • Our dresses are offered to our clients taking any of our photoshoot packages
  • We tie-up with various global dress vendors and, in exchange for their dresses, we do share our pictures online on various platforms as well as in print form.
  • If you are using our dresses, you explicitly grant us permission to share the pictures online on our social media, website, magazines, competitions, newspapers, partner hospitals, and/or other platforms where we showcase our work. We will however be sensitive to the event and, if requested in the shoot booking form along with the event date, will only share the images post child birth.
  • You will NOT be able to try a dress. For hygiene reasons every time someone wears a dress, the dress is dry cleaned
  • If you wear a dress and for any reasons WHATSOEVER decide not to do a shoot in that dress, a dry cleaning charge of Rs. 2500 will apply
  • Our dresses are sourced from all over the world and could cost anywhere from US $300 to US $500. If you damage a dress you will be liable to pay the cost of the dress. Please note that customs & import duties of these dresses is 50% over and above the cost of the dress which will also be added to your bill on top of the cost of the dress should you damage a dress
  • If you would like to use our dresses for the shoot, you should select more than the number that is in your package. This will ensure that if your selected dress is out or dry-cleaning then there is a backup dress available for you

Sizing & Style

  • The pictures of dresses are taken on a mannequin or on existing clients who have been photographed at our studio. Your body measurements will be different than as shown in the images below. For an exact fitting of your body type and dimensions, we advise that you carry your own dresses so that the fitting and style of the dress matches your style, taste, and body dimensions
  • Our dress sizes are generic and are not made for a specific dimension or body type
  • If you are using our dresses, you understand that the dresses are generic in size and and represent an assorted range of styles available internationally. They are not made for a specific taste or style
  • These pictures are taken in varied lighting conditions. There could be a variation in the actual dress colour of the dress due to the calibration of the screen you are viewing on and the variation in shoot lighting conditions
  • Our butterfly dresses are created in post production and are usually created with dresses that have a drape attached. Due to the nature of these shots, they are always created on a dark (if photographed on dark) or a white (if photographed on white) backdrop. The original backdrop is not used in such shots. During the editing process you will need to specify the image number you want the butterfly effect created in. Such shots can be created only with dresses that have wings (you can select a wings dress from the dresses on this page). If you do not choose a dress with wings, such a wings shot cannot be created.

Sizing Chart

  • Small – under the chest circumference 75-80 cm. Hip circumference 90-95 cm
  • Medium – under the chest circumference 80-85 cm. Hip circumference 95-100 cm
  • Large/XL – under the chest circumference 90-95 cm. Hip circumference 105-110 cm


  • The dresses are not padded
  • For off-shoulder dresses it is required you to carry a strapless bra
  • Its always better to have your under clothes colour match the colour of the dress; please carry underclothes accordingly
  • Dresses that are see-through require you to get matching underclothes.