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Maternity Photography

Though the pregnancy is a moment in the life of a family where the big star is often the newcomer of the house, the mother is a galaxy apart and one of the most beautiful moments of this journey is to witness the transformations of the body, mood and perspectives of the woman. Being pregnant is really a fascinating experience for a woman, nonetheless a miracle the magic transformation to witness, specially visually speaking. The Maternity photos can create extremely beautiful memories specially for the woman, is a full plate for the art of photography to work with many different ideas as the baby grows in the womb and the belly takes a beautiful and unique shape.Imagine a sight of baby splish-splashing a cake all over and on him, that is exactly what we are talking about. Cake Smash Photography involves the photo shoot of a baby usually carried out on his/her first birthday.

Pregnancy Photographer Delhi India Shipra Amit

Maternity Photography

Shipra & Amit Chhabra Photography are your go-to photographer for baby and maternity photos.  Shipra Amit is a celebrity baby and maternity photographer in Delhi, India.  The studio offers photos for newborns, babies, kids, as well as photos through pregnancy. Their work is intended to capture the moment that can easily slip away in life. 

They have 15 years of photography experience with clients of different backgrounds, and have worked as celebrity baby and maternity photographers for years.  Photography sessions are professional and of the highest quality. The photos are as high quality as in a fashion magazine. The images are carefully shot and carefully retouched.  

Their studio, lockated in South Delhi, is also a vast space, providing a very kid-friendly environment.  Baby, maternity, and pregnancy photography in Delhi, India has never been easier or safer.

Before the shoots, Shipra and Amit Chhabra photography has a consultation and discusses the photography process.  Every photo shoot is given careful attention.  There is no universal theme for the shoots – it is all based upon personal preferences and desires.  

Shipra and Amit Chhabra’s have done photo shoots for thousands of models – from all over the globe.  

Shipra and Amit Chhabra’s photography is all about quality, not quantity.  Photographers shoot to find the perfect images, rather than shooting in the hopes of finding the perfect image.  The process of taking photos is personal and meaningful not just for client, but also for photographer.  The photographers provide a handful of absolutely incredible photos, rather than handing a pile of photos that look striking similar to each other.  Quality photography requires focus and skill, and a great deal of time and effort – during the shoot and after as well.

Pregnancy Photographer Delhi India Shipra Amit

Reasons to Get Pregnancy Photography

Pregnancy is considered as one of the most important part of a mother’s life. Every parent would feel blessed once they are given the chance to have their child. Pregnancy will always be the best moment in the life of every parent. Pregnancy Photography helps preserve these moments for a lifetime.

Pregnancy must be treasured and remembered forever. Photos taken during pregnancy are considered as one of the best source of great memories once mother had already gave birth and they want to reminisce their pregnancy moments.

Many are into the idea that they are not into taking photos during pregnancy because they don’t want to capture the changes that are happening in their body. However these pictures are the best memory to remind you of your journey and the start of bringing a new life into this world.

A pregnancy photoshoot also provides you the chance to be expressive and artistic. But most importantly it is the best way to create and capture memories. 

Secrets For Getting Awesome Pregnancy Pictures

Parenthood is a blessed feeling. Nothing can match the feeling of being pregnant. You will definitely want to remember things related to your pregnancy. We have a few tips on how to get amazing pregnancy pictures.

Play with lights and shadows. For taking pictures using a cellphone, it is best to use natural light. Stand in front of an open door or window to let natural light flow in if you shoot during mid-day hours.

A perfect time for the shoot is also important. Select a time when the belly is fully developed.

A comfortable and fitted dress is a must for pregnancy photo shoot. The whole point of this shoot will be to show your gorgeous baby bump. If you wear loose fitting clothes, it will hide away the curves. Stick to solid colours. Pastels and neutrals colours are timeless.

Interesting props like pregnancy / baby books, a tiny baby-chair, etc. will make the pictures look more meaningful. Pose natural with these props and get great pictures. 

Use some baby clothes in some of the pictures. Baby clothes give a cute background to your pictures. If you have a older child take him/her with you. 

Tips for Stunning Pregnancy Photos

Maternity black photo shoots look stunning if done correctly. At the present moment, maternity photo shoots are very popular which is great news if you’ve been thinking of having one. Years ago, people used to turn their noses up at maternity photo shoots, but times have now changed.

People now realize that pregnancy is the most natural thing in the world, and they wish to document their journeys to becoming parents. To take stunning pregnancy photos however, there are some tricks of the trade to consider. It isn’t as easy as grabbing your camera and taking a photo in the mirror, you want to look truly beautiful. Here are some tips on how to take stunning pregnancy photos.

Don’t become too big

When you take maternity black pregnancy photos, you will want to show off your baby bump. As time goes by you will become bigger. The bigger you become, the harder it will be to pose and get into position to have great shots taken. Most professional photographers will recommend you having your photos snapped around the 30 week mark. You will be big and will have a baby bump to show off, without being too big. This is only a guide so take note of how you feel around the time.

Choose the correct outfit

Because you want to show off your baby bump, you need to make sure you have chosen the correct outfit. Even though you probably live in sweat pants and maternity clothes at the moment, you should make a bit of an effort with your photo shoot. You want to show off your bump and if you’re wearing baggy sweats and loose clothing you won’t be able to do that.

Ideally, You should Try to wear tight and stretchy clothing that clings to your skin and accentuates your bump. You should also go for neutral designs as patterns, because these are likely to stay in fashion for much longer. This means your pictures won’t look old and dated when you look back on them.

Go with a neutral background

Reasons maternity black photo shoots are so popular is because of the basic background. Black backdrop will help you to stand out and makes the photos all about you. With a neutral background people’s eyes have to be drawn to you. This basic effect creates some truly beautiful maternity photographs.

Maternity Photoshoot India – Shipra Amit Chhabra Photography
Maternity Photoshoot India – Shipra Amit Chhabra Photography

Celebrity Pregnancy Photographer – Shipra & Amit Chhabra

Celebrity Pregnancy Photographer, Shipra & Amit Chhabra, capture memories that last a lifetime. They have photographed over 5000’s maternity, newborn’s,, & children in the Delhi / NCR area. Read below to know about some of the safety aspects when dealing with maternity and kids photography

Quite often when we are choosing a professional photographer we look for a best person who has good experience, has a decent studio, has produced great results in past, is within our budget, etc. But have we ever thought on the safety aspect while choosing our professional photographer? We check his reviews on Internet based on his previous work, his ratings, how well known he is in the market. But we completely ignore the safety aspect.

New Born, Maternity, Kids Photography requires immense safety, hygiene, and patience. When it comes to babies, expecting mothers, any small error will have serious effects of course on baby, mother, her unborn child, but also on photographers career & business altogether. It could be a mental trauma for the parents, as well as the photographer if any accidents happen.

Below are a few simple points that everyone involves needs to consider when planning a shoot

Maternity Photography – Safety Aspects

Amongst all kinds of Photography, I feel Maternity should be classified as the most important type, when it comes to safety measures that are required to be undertaken.

Never do photo shoots in last two weeks of expected delivery time. Although we are aware of exact dates of delivery, they are still expected dates. A delivery can take place before expected time too.

Always ask your maternity model to inform/advise her doctor before coming for such shoots. There may be certain precautions that the doctors are aware of, which the expected mother is required to take. These precautions (if any) should be discussed during pre-shoot discussions.

Respect the cultural differences. Maternity photography is very different in India. In India, posing nude or even semi -nude will not make the mother comfortable; these poses might work in countries like US and UK, but cultural boundaries in India should always be respected.