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Create Treasured Memories

Fall in Love with with a Milk Bath Photosoot

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Fill a bath with milk, fruits and flowers, is there anything more beautiful? Not only is this a relaxing session, the photos are pure and beautiful. Whether we bath your baby in a milk bath and capture them splashing away or trying to eat the flowers the outcome is sure to be treasured forever.

Milk Bath’s are only done in Summer months, usually from April to September.

Optional Package Add On's

Parents Portraits – pictures of father, mother, & sibling – single costume – 15 Digital Photographs – Rs. 5,000

Milk Bath Behind The Scenes Video : Rs. 5000

Additional Infant Setup : Rs. 7,000 per setup

Image Showreel : Rs. 3,000

Milk Bath Basic - Rs. 9,999

Milk Bath theme with 2 dress changes

30 digital photographs

4 high resolution retouched digital images

4 page Matt Linen Photo Album – 8 x 6 inches

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Milk Bath Signature - Rs. 17,999

Milk Bath theme with 2 dress changes

50 digital photographs

10 high resolution retouched digital images

Boutique Box Small

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Milk Bath Premium - Rs. 23,999

Milk Bath theme with 2 dress changes

Plus 1 additional infant set-up with 2 dress changes

75 digital photographs

10 high resolution retouched digital images

10 page Matt Linen Photo Album – The Baby Book – 10 x 8 inches

View available optional add on’s for this package

Milk Bath Exclusive - Rs. 29,999

Milk Bath theme with 2 dress changes

Cake Smash theme with 2 dress changes

75 digital photographs

15 high resolution retouched digital images

1 Large Wooden Memory Box – 11.5x8in – 10 photographs from retouched images printed on Epson Enhanced Matte paper

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Cake Smash in New Delhi

Cake smash photo shoots have been popular in America and the UK for a number of years, but it’s still fairly new in India. The whole idea of booking a cake smash photo shoot is to add something special and different to your child’s birthday.

While many people have photos of their baby eating, few people have a colourful, festive, professionally-executed shoot of their baby (and other family members) laughing, eating colourful cake and sharing the moment together.

Cake Smash Photography captures your baby’s unique personality and pure, innocent joy for a series of memorable photos you can look back on and enjoy throughout the years.

Payment for all our packages is due on the day of the shoot

Our processing timeline starts on the date your invoice is closed.
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Cake Smash Photography – It’s Fun To be ONE

The Cake Smash photography package will set the promotional tone of the first party of your baby. Now is time to celebrate his first social event, though their won’t be too much aware of how special the date is. The cake smash pictures can help the child witness later on their life how much loved and cherished they were, and so do you as the memories of this phase of their lives is so beautiful.

Though this is about the first birthday of your child, the process of capturing this event starts even before the party is settled.

The Cake Smash photography package is a fun concept to make your first baby pictures in an amusing way for the kid. We set the cake, the theme and your baby will have all the fun exploring and discovering it.

This photo shoot is the potential first time your baby will be the star of their own pictures in an artistic and beautiful fashion. We will place him or her in front of the cake and let the pre-party start. All interactions are precious, either your baby destroy the cake with joy or carefully taste it finger nap by finger

Just watch your baby have fun with the cake. Whether they eat it, smash it, sit in it or throw it about its always such good fun. With cake covered fingers and toes those messy little faces are such a joy to capture.

Don’t assume they will dive right in

All parents hope that their little one will dive in and make a mess of the cake. That doesn’t always happen and that’s okay.

Not every child wants to dive right in and make a mess no matter what tricks we try. It’s important to know that even if they don’t turn their cake into a gooey pile of crumbs, we are still able to catch fun images of them poking at it or daintily picking bits of icing or decorations. Sometimes we may need to strategically place a little icing to help things along, or other times mom or dad may have to get involved in the pictures themselves. It’s also a good idea to bring along a favourite toy and some snacks in case your little one needs some encouraging


  • Ideally, your session will be booked as far in advance as possible as we can be booked up for some weeks, especially if you are hoping to book over a weekend. 
  • Whilst a cake smash is a first (or second) birthday celebration, you may want to consider booking around the 10.5 – 11 month mark if you are intending to use the images for a party invitation or to display at the party.
  • Consider your child’s best time of day when you schedule their session. 

what are the types of cakes provided in the packages

  • Basic Package : Giant Cup Cake
  • Signature Package : Giant Cup Cake 
  • Premium Package : Single Tier Cake with Design
  • Exclusive Package : 2 tier Cake with Design


  • Depends on the package you take.
  • Usually cake smash sessions take about half an hour and theme based setups take 45 minutes
  • If you are taking only the cake smash session the shoot time cam be as little as 30 minutes which includes 10 minutes for pre-cake smash and about 20 minutes for cake smash

Who may attend the session

  • Parents are very welcome to attend the session and the studio will comfortably hold 4 to 6 people. However do bear in mind that children can become distracted by a large audience

what should i bring

  • Besides the child’s costumes, please carry extra diapers and wipes. Please also carry a towel.
  • To keep the baby entertained, please carry some toys that the baby enjoys.

What if my child doesn't eat the cake

  • This does happen.  Some children love the cake smash and dig right in.  Others are hesitant.  
  • We recommend making a cupcake or small cake and introducing the cake smash idea before (a few days/weeks before) our session date.  This way, your child will be familiar with the process and will know that they can smash the cake.  
  • Also, bring or have on hand puffs or cheerios so we can stuff them into the cake.  Your child will want to grab them out of the cake and eat it. 

is there something i can do to prepare my child for the session

  • It is a good idea to do a trial run at home a few days before with a cupcake with frosting. Some kids have never had sweets before, or have a hard time feeling dirty or messy. Giving them a chance to experience these sensations for the first time at home can make it easier on the day of the session.

what about colours and themes

  • The colour and theme are planned based on the clothes that the child will wear for the session.
  • The cake is designed and ceated in accordance with the colours of the clothes and the theme of the session
  • If you have any special requirements, please discuss those during the pre-shoot process so that appropriate arrangements

“Celebrating your child’s 1st birthday can be a very important occasion. Not only are you celebrating their first milestone, you are marking their last baby days as they grow into childhood. And a great way to capture this milestone in style is with a ‘Birthday Cake Smash’ Photo session.

Cake Smash Photography

When I set up the photography business in India in end 2013, my aim was to ensure I brought a fresh approach to children portrait photography. The Birthday Cake Smash Photo session is a fantastic way of capturing that 1st birthday in a fun and memorable way. A cake smash photo session is a fun, joyful way to commemorate the milestone of your little one’s first birthday. Capture your baby’s surprise, curiosity and delight as they tear into their first taste of sugar. A cake smash is a great way to express your baby’s unique personality in a relaxed and carefree way.

It’s lovely to see how much your little baby has changed over the year. In their cake smash session we present your one year old with a cake and watch them dive in! Although some might need a little more persuading! It is a great messy play for little ones to explore the taste and texture of the cake.

Ideally it’s best to book your session for when your little one is around 11 months, as it allows time to have the photos ready before your little ones big day if you wanted to use them for party invitations etc.

We also offer a wide variety of frames, canvases, albums, and memory boxes. All of which can be viewed during your session. These can be purchased alongside any of these packages. Please visit our products page for more information

Amit Chhabra