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Samaira’s SurpriseChildren Photography Delhi Gurgaon Noida India

Samaira loved everything about her grandmother’s generation: the cars, the fashions, the foods, the music, the literature, and the dances. Each Saturday, Samaira and her grandmother would sing songs her grandmother recalled from her youth. They pored over recipes Samaira’s grandmother used to cook with HER grandmother.

Grandma taught Samaira the waltz, the foxtrot, and polka. Samaira’s favourite thing was playing dress up with the wonderful, old dresses that had belonged to her grandmother when she was a girl. She loved it when her grandfather told her she looked just like the girl he had fallen in love with fifty years before. Samaira’s grandparents were celebrating their fiftieth anniversary.

Samaira and her parents had a great surprise for them. A limousine picked them up and brought them to the surprise party. The recipes Samaira and her grandmother had studied were served. The music included the songs Grandma had taught.

Just before the cake was served, the song that had been played at grandma and grandpa’s wedding began to play. Samaira and her dad swung onto the dance floor in the wedding clothes her grandparents had worn. They waltzed around the floor and then Samaira asked her grandfather to dance while her dad twirled his mother onto the dance floor.

The final surprise came when the family rolled their gift onto the ballroom floor. It was Grandpa’s old car in which he had courted his wife. Samaira’s dad and a friend had reconditioned the antique so it was just like new. As the car came into view, perched atop the fender was their granddaughter in her Grandma’s going away outfit. Cameras flashed as Samaira struck a pose.

There were tears in her grandparents’ eyes as they stared at their piece of history come to life.