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For the Tiny Ones under 30 days of age

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart

Sometimes the smallest things ...

… take up the most room in your heart

Those first few weeks of your baby’s life pass by in a blur, and you will never have those precious moments again. A newborn portrait session is the perfect way to capture the sweet innocence, delicate features, and angelic expressions that fill your heart with joy.

Booking a Shoot

The best time to contact us for your newborn portraits is during your pregnancy. We will make a tentative booking based on your due date and then we will wait to hear from you when you arrive home from hospital with your new baby.

We can arrange a suitable time and date for your session after you have come home with your baby. Sessions may be rescheduled due to illness or injury. If you need to reschedule, please contact us as soon as possible.

If you suspect your baby is unwell, please do not proceed with the session and reschedule for another time.

Grow with me

To book multiple sessions int he first year refer to our Grow with me Packages

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Newborn : Destination Shoot

At our studio in New Delhi, we have a plenty of exclusive handmade props and sets that we use for our newborn photography. Almost all of our accessories are ordered from the US and UK. Majority of our accessories are custom and hand made. we have some amazing...


A newborn baby is the best bundle of joy that anyone can be blessed with. Your little angel is born to a world that is waiting with baited breath for its arrival. Your child has a special new set of toys, a new cradle, and lovely new clothes. He or she brings more...

Newborn Photography Delhi

“I discovered my passion for newborn / baby photography in 2007 after my son was born and have been on the most amazing journey ever since. My studio is located in the heart of South Delhi. I shoot in studio, mostly with my newborn photography clients, as well as outdoors on location servicing the Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida Region. I have been honoured to meet so many amazing families and have captured so many moments in their lives that will last forever. I’ve watched families expand and little one’s grow and I tell you it’s the most amazing job in the entire world. I love what I do and I look forward to capturing your memories too” – Amit Chhabra

Lifestyle Baby Photography

A lifestyle baby photography session, on the other hand, is a more casual approach to newborn photography. There is no defined posing as the intention is to capture more natural images of the baby. Such sessions can be done for babies up-to 2 months old.

The Perfect Environment

When photographing newborns, we try and create the “perfect environment“. Most of the photographs are taken with with newborns in very little or no clothing. In order to achieve the perfect environment, it is important to understand the environment the babies come from. The temperature inside the mother’s womb is 38 Celsius . Because newborns cannot regulate their body temperature as well as an adult can it needs to be protected from both cold and heat. The best environment to photograph a newborn is when the temperature is regulated around 28 degrees Celsius.

A newborn baby is unable to regulate his body temperature because he cannot shiver or sweat other than from the sweat glands in the feet, hands, head and neck. Newborns will revert to a fetal position in order to keep warm if they do not receive a cloth wrap upon birth. The main source of a newborn baby’s body heat is his baby fat, or brown adipose tissue, which accounts for between 2 and 7 percent of the newborn baby’s body weight at birth.

Posed Shoot / Studio Session

The ideal time to photograph newborn babies is within the first 14 days of birth. This is when the baby is very sleepy and he/she can easily mold into the baby poses. Several props like wraps, hats, bands, feathers, blankets, beanbags, etc. are used for such a session.

A newborn photography session usually lasts between 2 – 4 hours and it includes comfort breaks, as required.

Possible poses for your newborn photography session includes 8 different poses. These are froggy, taco, side laying, prone, snuggle, forward facing, bucket shot, and supine fur (baby on back).

Most newborns within the 14 day age bracket (full term babies) can achieve all of the 8 standard poses. Your package type will determine the number of poses / looks we will attempt

Newborn Photoshoot Poses