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Cake Smash

A cake smash photo session is a fun, joyful way to commemorate the milestone of your little one’s first birthday. Capture your baby’s surprise, curiosity and delight as they tear into their first taste of sugar.

The words Cake Smash sounds fun and amusing, and when these two words are associated with kids, they are just beyond adorable and cute.

Imagine a sight of baby splish-splashing a cake all over and on him, that is exactly what we are talking about. Cake Smash Photography involves the photo shoot of a baby usually carried out on his/her first birthday. 

Delhi Cake Smash Photographer Shipra Amit

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Cake Smash Photography

We like to do our Cake Smash Photo Shoots around 10 to 11 months of age. It is an age where most children have not experienced many cakes before, so their reactions are priceless! We aim to capture a variety of photographs of your child enjoying eating and making a mess of their cake, as well as some images before they get messy.

Kids by popular belief are the greatest blessings of happiness to anyone’s life. They are a true bundle of joy and no one understands their importance than their parents.

The bond that parents share with their child is a special one indeed.  So shouldn’t these apples of every parent’s eye be caught in proof before they grow up and leave to build their own lives?

Cake smash is soon coming into being a mainstream form of children photography because it is the newly discovered way through which one can get the most endearing pictures of their one-year-old baby. The first birthday of the baby is definitely an important occasion and cake smash photos helps capture this special milestone in their lives that they can treasure for a lifetime. There is no doubt that this is as much fun for the parents as well as for the baby.

Why not try something completely different and fun, and capture this milestone with a twist by indulging in Cake Smash.

Shipra and Amit Chhabra are one of the few professionals in India who offer this fun photography session. We offer four packages to the parents to choose from that includes Basic, Signature, Premium, and Exclusive all priced in a scaling order, with the Exclusive package offering the most amount of features and additional services.

Cake Smash Photography was originated in the US. Shipra and Amit wanted to get this unique fun concept to India. With the help of their creative team, they have been able to bring cake smash to New Delhi. Everyone has pictures of their kids posing and smiling and dressed decently, but why not get a little adventurous and have pictures of the baby playing, getting dirty, and enjoying the most with a colorful cake.

Getting children’s portraits done professionally has special benefits for parents. Below are some of the best pluses of getting professional portrait photography done for your little bundles of joy.

Capture the innocence

Kids in their toddler years are at their prime. This is the age that they are completely innocent; with no one and nothing from the rest of the world corrupting their thoughts. This is the right time to capture that aspect to guide your memories forever. Professional photographers have the talent and skill to capture this innocence in such a way that they enhance its beauty and purity to make it even more special for the parents. With the apt surroundings and good editing skills, your children’s innocence will always be a part of your life.

Walk down memory lane

At some point or other, every child or relative wants to walk back down memory lane. Obviously, you want to show your child’s best photographs to other people down the line when they ask. What better way to impress people or make your son or daughter happy than by showing them professionally made photographs of their childhood? They are a sign of love. Plus, they show children at their best.

Improve your memories forever

Memories are funny things. They give us immense joy, but they’re not strong enough as to remain with us forever. With professionally made studio portraits of you children, you can make sure that their happiest memories and stages of life are bound to you forever. If at any point you find your memory failing you, you can always go through these photographs to refresh your memories and rekindle the old times with pride and joy.

Adorn your home

Who needs a painting when you can have blown up portraits of your children adorning the walls of your home? Large portraits not only enliven the place and fill up the empty canvas of your home’s walls, but also make the home more personal and much more beautiful a place to live in. Even when your children move away to their new homes to build new lives for themselves; this way, you will have a piece of them to keep for yourself.

Professional Photography

If you’re thinking about getting some photos taken of your kids then its best to hire a professional photographer. It’s really important to do this because professionals know how to take a good photograph of a child and also to bring about the best in the child.

Professional photography, done with an experienced photographer is critical creating to memories that you will cherish for a long long time. If you are considering hiring a professional photographer here are some tips that will make the photography session of your kids successful.

Find the right photographer

Ask around find a photographer who has previously worked with children and it is good at it. Check their client reviews and their existing work to see if they fit your needs and match your taste

Avoid outfits that do not agree

We know that it can be really hard picking out the best outfit but this is really important when you are having a professional photography session. If you do not want your kids to work exactly the same thing at least put on some clothes are in similar colors and styles that match together.

Be open-minded

If your photographer gives you some ideas do not reject them. Instead give them a total artistic freedom and you will be amazed with what you get.

If you follow some of these tips when thinking about doing a professional photography session of your kids it will definitely turn out to be a success.

Check out what we offer and visit our online portfolio to see some of our children professional photography pictures.

Kids Birthday Photography

Seeing one’s child grow up every year always triggers a feeling that is of a paradoxical nature as it is both happiness and sorrow; Happiness, because it is most gratifying to watch as a toddler learns and absorbs new experiences in a continuous state of felicity, that allows him or her to make new bonds. The feeling is also sadness because those precious moments that have gone by are never to return by a natural course. It therefore becomes very essential to capture those cherished moments on a camera to look back on, as emotions that are stirred from memory are always the strongest in nature.

A child’s birthday is a celebration of the powerful moment that once redefined a family and hence deserves every bit of attention than can be humanly mustered. It is the day that imparts into every child, the importance of his or her life in this world. That day of every year has a new lesson that can be learnt by the child and parents alike and the joyful experiences gained from birthday celebrations should be made memorable and rooted deep into emotions that can last a lifetime.

Photos have always found a way of conveying emotions that words fail to express. Since memory actuates emotions of the most potent form, it only makes sense to preserve these memories in the best possible state. As human memories tend to fade away, effectively claiming the emotions associated with them, photos are a boon that needs to be utilised to the fullest extent as it is the best time machine there is and ever will be. Moreover, watching your child enjoy his or her birthday, while being assured that what you see now, you will also see in the future and maybe with greater detail, can be a very contented feeling indeed.

Preserving birthday moments through photographs is a great way of sharing stories with loved ones as it captures, joy, mischief, playfulness, the delight of receiving new gifts and all the other traits of one’s child. Parents can proudly speak of their children and how they’ve grown, their cute habits and intellect, all of which are captured in pictures. Family reunions are filled with tears of joy as people can look back in time and relive those moments. It also never fails to bring laughter as one can also look back on funny memories.

As important as it is to photograph birthday celebrations, it is altogether better to hire professionals who are adept in this art. This way, you can not only spend more time with your child during the happiest day of his or her life but can also be ensured of beautiful imagery that comes with perfect timing- a crucial factor while capturing moments.

One such group of professional photographers who are the best in their field is Shipra and Amit Chhabra Photography based in New Delhi. They provide varied kids birthday photography services and have a specialised birthday package that involves activities like cake smash kids photography that is designed primarily for the enjoyment of your child.

Pictures are worth a million words and birthday celebrations undoubtedly deserve that value.

First Birthday Party Ideas

First birthday party ideas are always surrounded with expectations and colourful themes and they should surely be.

Let’s see some key factors you have to consider when you are planning your kid’s first birthday party and how you can find the most comfortable and convenient ambiance for their being very expressive and at ease for you to register the moment on pictures and film.

Set Themes
We always have to think about the aesthetic aspects to get started with our first birthday party ideas, but they should not be planned separately from the attractions of the party. It is overall a kids party, and a first one, so kids are not apt to take their own actions and run to things to make them work discovering them, they have to be appealing and obvious.

List up a series of thematic sets you think are pleasant & match your style. A cartoon or show that makes them very excited when is running on TV or books series is something you can consider.

Test Your Baby
Even whey they are so young, kids already have their preferences. Not everything that glows and sparks will hook up their attention, so if you want to set a theme for the party, is better check with the boss what is more pleasant and acceptable to have an approval for your first birthday party ideas. Some set of colours and shapes are more pleasant than others for kids, like reddish colours will always be more appealing for their eyes at this age in detriment to pastel or softened pallets. 
However, to test your kid you surely know things have to involve interactive and captivating methods, obviously they will be reticent to pallet cards, they are not decorating a house! Stick with objects that will impress them and you will already have the opportunity to think on the physical sets you would like to implement in the party – structures, scenarios. 
Testing them with balloons on the colours you have in mind for the party is already a great tactic as well as showing the different characters of the themes you will selected. 
At this point you also have to notice what gets a better responsiveness from the kid, cheering, clapping, smiling, screaming, this kind of indicators will be their yes or no.

Babies do Baby Things
Mess and chaos are part of a baby’s first experiences and interactions, so give room for them to mess things up as much as they want! That’s why a cake smash set is the interactive motto we suggest for the birthday’s party. If your kid was born during the summer, don’t hesitate to make good use of water scenarios. They simply love the feeling of messing up with water – and you know it from all the bathing experiences you had.