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Children Photography

Photographing children is a fun and rewarding experience. Children grow up so fast that every photograph of them become an important representation of a precious and fleeting time.

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Children Portrait Photography

Portrait photography mainly concentrates on the expression and mood of a person. Especially when it comes to children, any expressions can add beauty and cuteness to portrait photography. Whether it is joyful portrait, emotional portrait, angry portrait or any, kids do well compared to matured ones. Their chubby cheeks, sparkling eyes, toothless mouth, rosy lips add beauty to the portrait.

Professional Portrait photography is one of the best method to cherish the memories of our children. Excellent Portraits when it comes to children depends upon infinite number of factors such as approach towards children, settings of camera, location, clothing of kids, background etc.

When it comes to camera settings, the camera amera should be switched to portrait mode or Aperture Priority mode for some creative control with aperture. Shutter speed should be maintained in between 1/160th and 1/500th of a second. Autofocus should be set to single point focusing mode for better precision. 

When it comes to location, an apt one for the child to have fun with, relax, refresh, chill and be comfortable. It is always good to shoot their natural expressions than forcing them to do. A child’s attention will not be distracted if he/she is comfortably well dressed.

Framing expressions of a child in camera lens is a very challenging task and needs extreme patience. Letting a child involve in his/her world serves the purpose than forcing the child to pose for forced expressions. Having fun with kids while shoot helps a lot.

Albeit difficult, it is not impossible to capture a child’s true essence. Many photographers continue to thrive in this respect. The following are guidelines for photographers who do not have much experience in photographing children.

  • The purpose of the image must be clear, as well as the settings and the context. Is it for artistic work, or will it be used for documentation? 
  • In each country, there are additional guidelines that must be followed when children are the subjects of photographs and images.

Some children are willing enough to smile for the camera. However, a smiling face looking directly at the camera is not all there is to a child. In order to capture their essence in an image, a photographer must be able to produce an image that embodies their unique personality, their innocence, and energy.

Children of all ages like to play and explore—whether alone or with other people they are often moving about. 

Capturing a child’s expression is another approach taken by seasoned child photographers. In order to get a good shot of the child’s reaction—a surprised look or a sudden laugh in response to a funny joke, the photographer must know how to keep the child in focus. 

Rather than impose a situation on a child, the best way to capture the essence of childhood is to take photographs of them doing everyday activities. 

Children Photography Ideas & Tips

Capturing beautiful pictures of children requires more than just good, solid photographic skills. You need to really engage with your subjects and, at times, behave like kids. Here are some handy tips and ideas to photographing children

Children Photo Outfits

Most children can handle about four outfit changes. Plan for your child to change into the first outfit at the studio. Once we get the images you want in that outfit, we’ll move on to the second.

Be Patient

Children are usually active and not always willing to listen to instruction, so they are the boss during the photo shoot. It’s important to talk to them and build the connection with them during that short period. This ensures that children photos usually come out more natural and will show the children as children in their own world.

Props & Accessories

We have a great selection of props and accessories. You can see our setups on our social media pages.

Don’t Stress!

Kids respond authentically to normalcy. If you’re chasing them around, desperately trying to pull smiles out of them, you’re going to get exactly what you’re asking for: strained, forced, inauthentic smiles. If you’ll just be patient and quietly go with the flow, your subject will warm right up, and you’ll eventually get what you’re looking for.  Your child can sense your anxiety so try to stay calm. If you think it would be better you can wait in our lounge, it sounds crazy but sometimes kids do better without their parents watching.

Don’t Over-do it!

Don’t try to shoot photos of children for hours on end. I always put a limit of between half an hour and an hour on children’s photography sessions, depending on their age. Otherwise, you run the risk of the kids ending up over-tired and emotional … with tears and tantrums bound to follow.

Children Photography Tips And Lighting Techniques

Photographing children is a lot of fun; but it does need years of experience to master the craft. The lightning is the core aspect of photography and is basically everything that separates a good from a bad picture.

Children are much more spontaneous subjects, they might not be able to cooperate as much as you want and they can get moody easily, so the lightning aspects that must be taken under consideration here have to work towards framing children without distortions and harsh contrasts.

The trick here is to make a good balance between ISO and the shutter and control the lighting to match the camera settings to allow any blow outs or hot spots.

Softer expositions are also key so you can capture the children features with more grace and charm. Though this might sound cliché, when you are doing professional photography involving kids, often parents will want something candid and sweet, so you have to harmonise things to avoid harsh depictions, though more conceptual shots can make use of these extremes to frame kids on bad moods or being way too naughty, is a beautiful way to capture their different nuances with high key pictures compensated with vivid colours.