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Infant Photography

The first year of a baby’s life is such a fun & exciting time. It’s a year full of changes and milestones. And each milestone is special in its own way. Which is why we love getting the chance to capture each of these phases and celebrating what makes each one amazing. The first year is fleeting and precious, but professional infant photography portraits last forever and help you remember and cherish each amazing step.

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Infant Portrait Photography

Infant photographers have an enviable job. They deal with adorable babies & cute kids on a daily basis. These days, a photographer with an impressive portfolio will find no shortage of clients who want photos of their children taken. Children grow up so fast, and it is understandable that parents want to keep snapshots of fleeting precious moments that are otherwise lost forever.

Nevertheless, an infant photographer faces formidable challenges. Before they can produce images that satisfy the requirements of their clients, there are preparations that need to be made in order to create these lasting memories. Having a spacious and safe studio with an unobtrusive and intimate environment is key to making precious infant portraits. Such an environment also encourages the child to be as natural and uninhibited as possible gives the photographer plenty of opportunities to capture the child’s unique moods and expressions.

Portrait photography is an art set apart from others. One of the most challenging kinds of photography, portraits aims to capture not just general details, but also every emotion and spirit of the model in question.

Infant Portrait Photography captures the subject’s personality

Unlike other forms of photography, infant portrait photography solely focuses on the subject. There is no importance placed on highlighting the background or what the person is wearing. It is all about the persons themselves. Sure, the background and clothes have to have a bit of effort put into to make the overall effect look good, but that is about all that they are necessary for. At the end of the day, portrait photography focuses on capturing raw emotion and getting a sense of the subject’s personality to convey to others. It is natural, easy to be part of and produces extremely satisfying results.

Taken from a distance

Instead of taking the photo from very close to the subject (which might distort the subject’s face and result in getting the angle wrong) portrait photography is taken from a certain distance, for a true representation record of the subject’s features.

Lighting is key

The lighting needs to be balanced just right. If the scene isn’t brightly lit, shadows in the background might create a distraction, which will certainly take the focus away from the subject. Being solely for the subject, this kind of thing cannot be permitted to happen with portrait photography. In a scenario where the studio isn’t sufficiently lit, photographs need to be taken in natural lighting.

Infant Photography Ideas & Tips

Getting infants to smile and pose for the camera can be challenging. Infant like playing, they like exploring, and it is hard to get them to sit still. If you do want to get amazing images of your little bundle of joy, we have some tips for you to try.

Photograph them as they are & not how you want them to be
Children don’t usually fake their emotions, which makes their portraits stand out. Children are always honest and are comfortable with themselves.

Throw the pose guide out

No matter how hard you try, it is nearly impossible to get infants into specific poses. This only causes the infant to get irritated. Let the child do what they are comfortable doing, after all we are trying to capture them as to who they are.

Get to their eye level
This is perhaps the most important tip when photographing infants. Maintaining eye contact with them is essential and yes, Sometimes a little silliness goes a long way. With children you just want to get a genuine expression or a warm moment, so you can get as low to the ground as possible to create an image that feels more connected with the child.

Make everything fun
You have to genuinely love engaging with children to do this. Your number one objective is to make them have fun. Once they are enjoying themselves they will give you priceless moments.

Find the right outfit for them
Choose colours and patterns that compliment your child’s features. You don’t need to dress them like they’re about to make their way down the catwalk, just dress them smartly.

Remember, photographing young children is difficult, but you should never get stressed or anxious. If you do this, the children will pick up on the vibes. This is the last thing you want because photographs are supposed to be happy and memorable. Let the children play and be themselves, and don’t get mad if they won’t pose or keep still. Just be patient, relax, and take things at their pace. If you don’t get the shots you want, don’t worry, you can always try again another time.

Candid Kids Photography

Everyone has heard the term ‘candid photography’ many a times and it literally means the same as the term ‘candid’. When associated with photography, it helps to get the most natural effect, true to its character. This type of photography can be described as clicking pictures of people when they are acting naturally, and not posing for the lens. Although anyone can be the person being photographed, children are the most suitable candidates. After all who can be more natural, innocent, and candid than infants and children.

Parents nowadays want the best pictures of their children as they are growing to make it a part of those special moments that can never be replaced. Even for photographers who are especially interested in this branch of photography and aspire to make a career out of it, newborn and kids photography is the way to go.

The most essential part of any type of photo-shoot is the photographer himself / herself. This is true even when it come to clicking candid pictures of children. It is important for the parents to understand what goes into making a great children candid photographer. The photographer needs to be patient in order to handle the fidgety behaviour of most children during photo shoot. Just like it is a good idea to go through the past work of a candidate one is planning to employ for any purpose, in order to understand what kind of photos one can expect it is best to go through their past work portfolios in the same field. The personality of the photographer and his/her workplace also has an effect on the quality of the photographs, so make sure he/she presents himself/herself well.

Where the photo shoot takes place is also an essential factor and will affect the results. For candid photography however, it is best to take the candid approach i.e. to shoot candidly. For example, when children are involved in playing or doing something they enjoy, they can be photographed to get the perfect poses.

When one works with Shipra and Amit Chhabra Kids Photography for carrying out a photo shoot for their children, it helps the parents to capture the growing years of their children that are filled with innocence and boundless energy. These magical moments are stored always for generations to come and can also be made into a nostalgic and most treasured gift to present to the kid when he/she is a grown up adult.

Located in New Delhi, Shipra and Amit Chhabra are passionate about newborn and kids photography that offers an array of services including newborn, infant, children and kids photography. Amit Chhabra with his talented team knows exactly how to take kids photography to another level by paying attention to details. Contact us at for your candid photography session.

Popular Children Photo Shoot Theme Ideas

Capturing memories with photographs is a perfect way of reminding ourselves of how precious life can be. Especially where our kids are concerned. Because of this, more and more parents are hiring professional children’s photographers. If you’re thinking of having a children’s photo shoot, here are 4 popular children’s photo shoot theme ideas for you to choose from.

Vintage Photoshoot
Over the years, vintage photoshoot themes have become very popular. Because of this, you may wish to think about having a vintage photoshoot theme for your children. Whether you go for a vintage country theme or an art deco theme, the images will be stunning. 

Their favourite toys
When we think of kids playing we often think of a young child sat playing with their favourite toys. If this reminds you of your child, you might wish to go for a toy theme. This is a very popular as it captures children playing naturally. It also leaves them happy so you can enjoy plenty of smiling photographs. Using your child’s favourite toys is a great way of adding a personal touch to your images.

There’s just something about balloons that children can’t seem to get enough of. If used correctly, balloons will help you get some stunning children’s photographs. If you’re looking for a summer cake smash theme for example, combing balloons with blue skies and green grass is ideal. Balloons add bright colour to photographs and help keep children entertained. 

Teddy bears picnic
If you’re really looking for cute images, a teddy bears picnic theme is the way to go. The results from these shoots speak for themselves.