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For the Lil’ Ones between 3 & 12 months

Don’t just cherish the moments, preserve them forever.

Preserve the unforgettable moments

Infant Photography is among the most priceless treasures of family memories. From their first days to their first tentative steps, their first smile to their first gurgling laugh, your baby’s first year is full of incredibly precious milestones.

These shoots are light-hearted and fun, with a bit of gentle direction. Each session is different, with the unique dynamic that flows naturally.

Telling your story through images of your real, tender moments and the love that you have for your children is what makes our world go around

Infant Photography Delhi Gurgaon Noida India Shipra Amit Photographer

Infant Packages

Optional Package Add On’s

Add on’s are available on top of the packages listed below

Outdoor shoot : Rs. 10,000 includes Location / venue booking fees (locations nearby to our studio where photography is permitted)

Behind The Scenes Shoot Video : Rs. 5,000

Image Showreel : Rs. 3,000

Parents Portraits – Pictures of Parents & Child
Add-on Package #A – Single Costume – 15 digital unedited photographs – Rs. 5,000
Add-on Package #B – Single Costume – Includes Mother’s Outfit – 25 digital unedited photographs – 3 Edited Photos – Rs. 10,000
Add-on Package #C – Two Dress Changes – Includes Mother’s Outfit – 50 digital unedited photographs – 6 Edited Photos – Rs. 15,000

Prices inclusive of GST


Rs. 14,999

2 set-ups

1 outfit per setup (outfit not included)

40 digital photographs (unedited)

6 high resolution retouched digital images

Add On’s
View available optional add on’s for this package

INFANT Signature

Rs. 24,999

3 set-ups

1 outfit per setup (outfit not included)

75 digital photographs (unedited)

10 high resolution retouched digital images

Products / Prints
Boutique Box with 10 matts (matt size 9×6, photo size 6x4in) – with 10 photographs from retouched images printed on Epson Enhanced Matte paper

Add On’s
View available optional add on’s for this package

INFANT Premium

Rs. 34,999
4 set-ups

1 outfit per setup (outfit not included)

100 digital photographs (unedited)

15 high resolution retouched digital images

Products / Prints
Wooden Memory Box – 9x6in – 10 photographs from retouched images printed on Epson Enhanced Matte paper

Add On’s
View available optional add on’s for this package

INFANT Exclusive

Rs. 54,999
5 set-ups

1 outfit per setup (outfit not included)

125 digital photographs (unedited)

20 high resolution retouched digital images

Products / Prints
Wooden Memory Box – 12x8in – 10 photographs from retouched images printed on Epson Enhanced Matte paper

Epson Enhanced Matte paper print from retouched images – print size 36x24in – frame thickness 0.75in

Add On’s
View available optional add on’s for this package

Capturing that silly face they make, the sparkle in their eyes and their uninhibited giggle

Payment Terms
Processing Timelines
Image Copyright
What We Deliver
What a beautiful milestone to remember forever! FIRST SMILE! FIRST STEPS! FIRST TEETH!

Let’s Plan Your Big Day!


  • Each theme takes between 40 minutes to an hour. The duration of the session will vary based on the package being taken and the number of themes / set-up’s in the package


  • Your baby will change so much during that first year. In what seems like the blink of an eye, a tiny helpless bundle is transformed into an active and inquisitive toddler. Infant photography sessions are a wonderful way to capture your child’s first milestones and blossoming personality. From quirky smiles and giggles to the excitement of sitting, crawling, and… walking!!Cherish the moment…because life has no rewind button.


  • Today, with an abundance of photographers specialising children’s images, our team is even more intent on identifying the spark of individuality in each person that will separate the finished portrait from the typical and trendy. our team strives to make our infant photography sessions relaxed and enjoyable, while capturing a variety of posed and candid portraits. 
  • The result is portraiture that makes a clear statement about the personality and essence of the infant. Our infant photography portraits avoid gimmicks and special effects in favour of something far more satisfying:  dynamic expression and composition sprinkled with delicate simplicity. With an eye for perfect moments and unique perspectives, our team will create infant portraits that are beautiful, intimate, and emotional.

How will you get the children to co-operate

  • Our shoots are very child-led and all of our team are very experienced at working with children. Over the years we have developed our own methods and tricks to get children to participate in a session and to express themselves.

How far in advance should I book

  • Weekday appointments book up about a week to 10 days in advance and for weekends and holidays about 3-4 weeks.

what is the best time to photograph the first expressions

  • About 4 months, once the neck is stable, your little one’s face creases into their first heart-melting smiles. Your baby will be now starting to lift up their head, enjoy some tummy time, and will probably find their feet utterly fascinating! It is these sort of playful moments, and of course your baby’s gorgeous smiles of recognition and delight that are worthy of being preserved as memories


  • Yes, they can be found here

any clothing guidelnines

  • Clothing is a key element for beautiful, timeless portraits. We love to photograph infants in a cute diaper cover, well-fitting favourite outfit, or a simple onesie.
  • The child should wear what they are comfortable wearing. If they are not comfortable in their attire, they will not be able to give happy pictures

  • We love neutrals, creams and soft pastel colours.

  • If you’ve added parents portraits, we recommend simple, classic apparel that reflects your style.


  • Cake smash sessions are a blast for you & your one year old – and for us!
  • Our clients use them to celebrate a very important milestone, the first birthday!  Your little one is seated with a cake and allowed to “have at it”, while I snap away.  They make for such fun and precious photographs.
  • You can find our packages here.


Preparation before the session

    We will discuss clothing so that we can have everything ready for your arrival on the day of the shoot.

During the session

At the studio, we have some amazing facilities to keep your baby entertained and comfortable during the shoot. Our endeavour is that your baby will be well taken care of and you will be comfortable throughout the session. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions, because we are happy to answer and make sure you are comfortable throughout.

After the session

We will provide the preview images within 1 week of the shoot date. A link will be shared with you to download the images once they are ready. Once your selection has been made your images will be retouched and will be available in high-resolution the. Please refer to your package for the number of images you will receive as part of the shoot.


  • Besides the clothing and accessories, we recommend that you get your child’s favorite toy, special stuffed animal, or any other object that may attract the child’s attention.
  • We also recommend that you get your baby’s food along. If s/he is feeding, we do have a private feeding area in our studio.

Do you provide kids clothing

  • No, we don’t.
Baby Girl Photoshoot Delhi Gurgaon Shipra Amit Chhabra

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Infant Photography Delhi Gurgaon Noida India

When should I book my Infant photography Session

You’ve barely a year before your baby becomes a toddler; preserve their fleeting features with milestone sessions. Book in your baby when they can support their head during tummy time (approx 3-4 months) and when they become a little sitter. During the first year  babies grow and change at an astounding pace. Every month brings new and exciting developments; capturing them proves invaluable.

We recommend planning your baby portraits around the following milestones:

  • 3-4 months: Your baby is beginning to express herself more and more and might laugh out loud, smile when she sees and hears things she likes
  • 6-7 Months: Sitting, smiling, and starting to show their personality.
  • 8-9 Months: On the move! Crawling, rolling, and giggles galore.
  • 11-12 Months: Standing, cruising, or even taking first steps.
  • At 12 months we also offer a cake smash session to celebrate your child’s birthday
Baby Girl Photoshoot Delhi Gurgaon India Shipra Amit Chhabra

Infant Photography

“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.”

Children. They’re messy, they’re beautiful.  They’re unique and uniquely gratifying & challenging.  They’re yours.  And, sometimes, they remind you why you had them!

Those silly smiles, thought filled gazes glimpses into who they’ll be  one day. They’ll forget they once smooshed their face to make you roar laughter. 

Let us take that picture!!!

Remind them who they were, who they are, what they can do.  Someday they’ll show their world who they once were and how much they were loved.

Very young babies are as cute to be seen as to photograph but they are babies, toddlers, so we have to let them be the bosses of the shooting once they will dictate what they can do and they want to do.

The Infant photography project understands very well not only how very young kids behave and how you can have the cutest and pretties pictures of them at this age, but also what are the most priceless moments and angles they will shine their cuteness at their best.

Since our lovely models are under the fascinating process of self discovery, our shooting sessions will strongly revolve around these themes: the cheerful phase where the smile and the laugh are a new toy, the first steps – and falls! – as well as the discoveries of skills with their little bodies, from clapping to the interaction with the first physical stimulations like music, pictures, colours and videos.

Everything at this age is remarkable for kids and is even priceless for all the people around witnessing this moment of enchantment. The  record of these events is nonetheless precious for photography and can bring you beautiful memories to be on your family photo book forever.

Since kids that young are very spontaneous and natural, we will have to bend to what pleases them the most so we can get the best from their expressions in front of the camera. We provide several different sets and, of course, are up to arrange everything else you think is a good idea to be photographed with your baby.

Like for any kind of photo session, you have to bring your baby at their best. The point here is to make them very stimulated but also very happy and comfortable on their own. That won’t be a hard task since babies and toddlers are very easy to entertain, but we always want to be sure to do not get them on their difficult times, sleepy or uncomfortable for some issue from belly aches to sleep time. But we surely are prepared for everything and might even do the cutest pictures of your baby ready to sleep as you wish!

Amit Chhabra Photographer

Amit Chhabra

Infant Photography

Nothing gives us more artistic satisfaction than capturing images of your little one. We thrive on creating a work of art where your child is the purest of subjects. It truly drives us during each and every session to capture your child in the most beautiful light and the most luxurious and creatively inspired setups.

It’s always such a pleasure photographing children. They have a brilliant sense of wonder that’s utterly contagious.

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