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Week 1 – Week 2: Is The Ideal Window for a Newborn Session

Why is it best to photograph a newborn within the first 2 weeks of birth? Well, to start, newborn babies are born with nearly 300 ‘bones’, while a full-grown adult has 206. A newborn has nearly 300 bones & cartilage pieces, which after that 10-14 days (2 weeks), start to fuse together into calcified bone, which makes it much harder for them to return to that in-the-womb position they’ve been in for the last 9 months. It is much more comfortable for them to be moulded into the adorable position while they still have the luxury of pure flexibility. The baby also sleeps & is not touch sensitive in the first 2 weeks of birth; which makes it comfortable for them to get into a pose.

That being said, every baby is different, and it depends on their individual growth speed rather than any widely spread “rule”. However, in our years of experience, you get the best shots and the cutest poses between days 9 & 12.


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